Careers & Outcomes

Purpose found in the world.

Cal Lutheran's academic majors and graduate programs are designed around student learning outcomes. We believe that these are the tools which our graduates take with them into the world enabling them to succeed—no matter where their purpose takes them.

By the numbers

Our career counselors get in touch with students during their very first semester on campus to help with resume writing, interviewing, salary negotiations, and applying to graduate schools to help students begin their careers successfully.

Employed or in graduate school

Participated in an internship


Employer contacts for job and internship listings held by our Career Services office.


Employer contacts for job and internship listings held by our Career Services office.

Undergraduate survey results as of nine months after graduation in May 2015. (83% response rate)

What Employers Want

The skills you'll learn through our core curriculum are exactly the skills that are in demand from employers.

Want effective oral and written communication

Want critical thinking and analytical reasoning

Want employees to connect choices to ethical decisions

Want students to acquire broad knowledge

Source: National Survey of Business and Non Profit Leaders, Association of American Colleges & Universities

Meet our Alumni


Kristi Wolzmuth Staley

Kristi (Wolzmuth) Staley '06

B.A. communication

Public Affairs Specialist at Kratos Defense

Comm classes and an internship helped Kristi secure a job that was waiting for her the week after graduation.

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Elizabeth Storelli

Elizangela Storelli '05, Ph.D.

B.A. Sociology

Assistant Professor of Sociology at George Mason University

Internships at AARP and APCO Worldwide helped Elizangela learn that her future was not in an office environment and decide to continue her education.

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Chelsea Fletcher

Chelsea Fletcher '13

B.s. Environmental Science, B.A. Art

Environmental Sciences Intern at California State Parks

Chelsea has found that her education provided knowledge that has helped her immensely in the field research she does for California State Parks.

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Dimitris Politopoulos

Dimitris Politopoulos

Master of Business Administration

CEO & Co-Founder, 776 Deluxe Foods S.A.

Coming from a background in the agricultural industry in Greece, Dimitris implements the knowledge gained through the MBA program to further his own business and consults for other companies.

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Christophe Grall

Christophe Grall

Preliminary Single-Subject Teaching Credential

Master in Education in Teacher Leadership student at Cal Lutheran

With master's degrees in English and French, Christophe knew he wanted to teach, but wanted the hands-on experience in the credential program to prepare him for the responsibility of his own classroom.

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Elizabeth Geringer

Elizabeth Geringer

M.S. Psychology

Adjunct Professor and PsyD candidate at Cal Lutheran

Elizabeth is one of 16 students in the first generation of candidates in the PsyD program which began in 2010. She received her Master's in Psychology in 2012 and will receive her doctorate in Clinical Psychology after completing her internship in May of 2015.  

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