What Our Students Say

"The thing I love about being in the residence halls is the community building that happens outside the classroom. You never forget your first year experience." - Ryan Strand

"I like how many friends are walking distance from me. Living on campus is convenient and I feel that it is a great way to become more independent."
- Tony Escobar

"You can't say very often that you live next to all your closest friends, but I love that. It's that community feel that keeps me coming back for more."
- Stephanie Saindon

"I love living on campus! There's never a dull moment. I can work out at the gym, watch movies with my roomies, or get a delicious smoothie at Jamba Juice." - Chaz Hodges

"Many of my teachers are not only concerned with my academics but also ask me how softball is going. I feel like I have a ton of support on and off the field." - Allyson Salas

"Here at Cal Lutheran the professors are very accommodating for athletes and this is why everyone can still graduate in four years while playing a sport."
- Chad Kimmelshue

"I love Cal Lutheran and its student government program. It's an amazing way to provide events and programs to the student body that it enjoys."
- Vim Iglesia

"I love being at Cal Lutheran because I have met so many great friends and found so many wonderful mentors."
- Jesse McClain

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