Performance in all its many forms is embraced and explored in CLU’s 36 diverse majors (and 31 minors). In Theatre Arts, students audition for lead roles in their freshman year. Whether in intimate shows (like April’s Maids of Honor at the 90-seat Little Theatre) or at the Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival (with 15,000 attendees), they work with accomplished faculty and entertainment industry professionals. A different kind of performance—the financial kind—is examined in CLU’s largest major, Business Administration. Here, students gain insight into finance, accounting, marketing, and entrepreneurship, while studying with experienced instructors and interning at nearby corporate powerhouses like J.D. Power and Associates, Amgen, and BMW Group DesignworksUSA.

CLU Theatre Arts

Exploring the Greek roots of drama

Professor Michael Arndt of the Theatre Arts Department and acting students in his upper division Acting Styles class trek to the top of Mt. CLEF as part of a class exercise in Greek Theatre.

Students and Professor Arndt practice for a play.

“Film and television form the largest industry in Southern California, and our location gives us access in ways that don’t apply to most other schools.”

Michael Arndt, Founder, Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival

: Intro to Theatre Arts; Black Box Student Directed Productions; Senior Creative Projects

Students and Professor Arndt practice for a play.

“ I want students to get an idea of how to think clearly and, like business people, to see the big pcture and understand why something works the way it does.”

Bonie Johnson, Formerly CFO of Premier America Credit Union

: Principles of Finance; General Economics; Strat egic Management

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