April 2009 saw the inauguration of CLU’s seventh president Christopher Kimball. A scholar of social history and the history of sport, Kimball is a common sight around campus, often seen initiating conversations with various members of the CLU community, including students in his Freshman Seminar class, or leading students in service projects like removing trash from the Ventura River. Baseball is another of the president’s passions, and in one renowned presentation “Five things that you can learn about America from Baseball History,” he uses the national pastime to examine American idealism, society, and culture. Kimball sees a connection between CLU and baseball, too..

Tell it like it is—Chris Kimball is interviewed by CLU TV inauguration weekend.
A Regals softball recalls a regal day— the dedication of CLU’s Hutton Field.
Even experts on baseball history can have a favorite team…Go Red Sox!

Chris Kimball tosses out the first ball celebrating “President’s Day at the Park,” part of the inaugural events.
The power of the press and the president— Kimball peruses an article in “The Echo.”

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