Music gives CLU students from all majors and backgrounds the chance to let their inner rock stars out. All across campus, music takes center stage, like at the Need Coffeehouse where bands play late into the night (and don't even get started until after 10 p.m.), or the Digital Music Lab where students use state-of-the-art technology to cut together professional demos. Meanwhile, with L.A. and Hollywood just a short drive away, there's no lack of opportunity to perform or see bands in the heart of the music industry. In this music-minded environment, it's no wonder CLU has more than its share of great homegrown bands.


Vocals: Kevin Bowen, Sophomore
Lead Guitar: Kevin Oliver, Sophomore
Bassist: Andrew Oliver, Sophomore
Drums: Nate Maxwell-Doherty, Sophomore
Keyboards: Skyler Butenshon, Junior

"We play an alternative rock type of music. It's like the U2 ambient sound meets the Boston classic rock sound, new age rock kind of. Whatever you think a drummer, two guitars, a bassist, a keyboard/synthesizer, vocals, with pumpin' melodies, the occasional guitar solo, and some nice vocal harmonies sounds like. It's pretty good. Radio-worthy."

- Nate Maxwell-Doherty


Guitar and Vocals: Matt Johnson '09
Acoustic Guitar: Tony Schmitt '09
Electric Guitar: Sean Pelton '09
Bassist: Scott Smith '09
Drums: Grant Berg '09

"We do a lot of 90s rock covers, but have also written our own music. At the last CLUStock, we had a number of mishaps and glory moments — like when our sound went through a bad mixer and came out sounding like robot techno. For the grand finale, we heaved piles of candy into the audience and wound up getting third place out of something like 10 bands. Some of those bands were people that actually play gigs. We just goof around in the living room."

- Matt Johnson


Guitar and Vocals: Josh Banday '08
Guitar: T.J. Alvarado, Senior

"Josh and I both play guitar, he usually plays the rhythm and sings while I throw down some riffs for the background or improvise a solo or two. We play a lot of different styles of music because we both come from different backgrounds of music. Josh has some classical training and likes to play a seductive jazz style of easy listening, while I come from a Blues-Rock and Death Metal background. When we combine our forces it creates an innovative concoction of mellifluous ear candy!"

- T .J. Alvarado

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