The hills and beaches around CLU beckon cyclists and mountain bikers alike with hundreds of miles of awe-inspiring trails. Some cyclists head into the nearby Santa Monica Mountains and bike through Big Sycamore Canyon to reach the sparkling Pacific — a trail recognized as one of the best in Southern California. Others choose to cycle along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, or in the nearby Ojai Valley beneath the shade of oak trees. Sometimes it's the AVenture Club spearheading efforts, while other times it's just a few friends going out for a ride after class. Whatever the circumstance, opportunities abound near CLU for some serious cycling.

"The ability to ride a self-powered machine into the wilderness and experience God's creation is just awesome. Even though Thousand Oaks is a relatively urban environment there is a plethora of trails that beckon to be explored. The adrenaline that overtakes your body as you navigate is unreal."

— Scott McClave, class of 2009
Exercise Science and Sports Medicine Major
Simi Valley, CA

"Once during a night ride in Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks, we decided to turn off our lights to experience a moonlit ride. The experience was amazing because it was a true escape nothing else mattered, it felt like pure freedom. I'll never forget that night."

— Marcus McKinnon, junior
Exercise Science and Sports Medicine major
South Lake Tahoe, CA

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