What do you hope to accomplish by the end of your college journey?

Whether you're headed for the job market, graduate school, a service trip overseas, or countless other endeavors, beginning your college search with the end in mind will help you hone in on institutions that excel in the areas you consider a priority.

For instance, what kinds of GPA and accolades do you want to be crossing the stage with when you graduate? As a junior, do you want an internship in the music industry, or with a fortune 500 company? Students are encouraged to study abroad starting their sophomore year — where will you be headed? But first and foremost, once you've moved in and settled all your things, How Rad is Your Pad?

In this issue, we'll take you on some of the journeys that lie ahead at CLU including a preview of How Rad is Your Pad, Residence Life's suite decorating competition. All of CLU's residence halls offer suite-style living. Trinity Hall, CLU newest residence hall, will be complete during summer 2009. It will be CLU's second major residence hall to offer private bedrooms, with a shared living room, kitchen, and bathroom. CLU arguably has among the best housing for students of any school in California. Come see for yourself!

Our journey in this edition of CalLu will also take us on the high seas where the habitats of humpback whales and sea turtles become the classroom. CLU's campus is located a stone's throw from the Pacific Ocean, providing marine-minded students with hands-on oceanic research opportunities. Our distinguished faculty lead research trips along the southern California coast, Hawaii, and Mexico.

With "Lutheran" as a middle name, we often get questions about where our institution stands on the matter of faith. Are students required to participate? Campus Pastor Scott-Maxwell Doherty and others describe CLU's spiritual life from their point of view. You will find that we encourage students of all faiths to explore their spirituality and provide opportunities for growth. It's up to you. No one is an outsider at CLU, and your personal convictions and beliefs will be honored.

Matthew Ward

Where do all these journeys lead? We'll paint a picture of the end by checking in with a few accomplished alumni who are making their voices heard in the music industry. And you will see that the end... well, it looks a lot like another exciting beginning!

Beginning with the end in mind. What does that journey look like for you?

Warm regards,

Matthew G. Ward, Ph.D.
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Dean of Admission

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