Discover Your Purpose

California Lutheran University is where students pursue their passions and discover their unique purpose.

You will work closely with accomplished professors who will challenge, guide, and champion you along your college journey.

The result is an education that prepares you for a fulfilling lifelong career while growing as an individual.

Find the Perfect Major

With a diverse offering of majors and minors, we have a program that matches your ambitions.

And if your interests span subjects, our faculty will actively support you as you combine areas of learning into a truly personal education, which is why many of our students choose to also pursue minor degrees alongside their majors.

Grow Your Ideas

Cal Lutheran is an academic community of open-minded individuals — open about ideas, about people, and about faith — all on a forward path of discovery that crosses the traditional boundaries of education.

You will learn from everyone around you — professors and students alike — and they will learn from you. Active discussion is both valued and encouraged.

Learn Beyond the Classroom

We believe education doesn't come from a textbook, but rather from direct participation. Your professors will engage you both in and beyond the classroom, bringing real world experience into your academic curriculum.

This is why — as a Cal Lutheran graduate — you will be confident in your purpose and ready to meet the world's challenges.

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