Timothy Hengst, M.A.

Professor and Chair, Multimedia Program

Email: thengst@callutheran.edu
Office: Humanities 231
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Timothy C. Hengst is Director the Multimedia program and a professor in the Multimedia Program. After receiving his graduate degree in medical and biological illustration from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, he illustrated for Dr. Denton Colley at the Texas Heart Institute and served as Director of Photography and Audiovisual Communications. He joined the faculty in the graduate program at Johns Hopkins and served as production manager in the graphics and illustration division and assistant professor in the graduate program. He began a freelance business in 1986 offering services in all areas of biomedical communications. He has illustrated more than 50 medical textbooks and has won numerous national awards in medical illustration, including three Best Illustrated Medical Text awards from the Association of Medical Illustrators. He has also worked as consultant for a commercial multimedia firm. In addition to medical illustration, he produces digital fine art using original photography and Adobe Photoshop. He has exhibited in numerous regional art shows.

MA in Medical and Biological Illustration from the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 1974

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