Michael Gagliardo, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Email: mgagliar@callutheran.edu
Office: SBET 120

Prior to coming to CLU, Dr. Gagliardo was teaching at a small liberal arts school in Jacksonville, Florida. Before that, he earned an MA and Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. His primary research interest is in differential geometry, which can be loosely described as the intersection of Calculus and Geometry. His most recent research project is in non-abelian gauge theory, which has connections to string theory.

Dr. Gagliardo's true passion is teaching - something he realized as a Taekwondo instructor in high school (he has a third-degree black-belt). His interest in teaching pedagogy was sparked when he became involved in inquiry-based learning.

Outside of CLU, he enjoys watching and playing soccer, trying new restaurants and reading sci-fi. One of the highlights of his weekend is going to the Ventura Farmer's Market every Saturday with his wife, Elizabeth.


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