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Class Letter

Summer 2013

On behalf of Desta Goehner and me, we hope this letter finds you and the rest of the Class of 1996 in great spirits and great health!

There has been so much going on with our alma mater over the years it’s hard to really express. First and foremost, the campus has physically evolved tremendously and definitely for the better. New facilities, new commons, new resident buildings, new cafés, etc.  are all phenomenal examples of how fast our small school has blossomed!  One of the best ways to catch up on the physical changes is certainly to attend the annual Homecoming Weekend. This year Homecoming falls on October 18th – October 20th. Mark your calendar and save the date!

If that schedule doesn’t work as well for you, you can also come back and enjoy our widely acclaimed theatrical performances running June through early August. The Kingsmen Shakespeare Company is performing both “The Tempest” and “Hamlet” this summer and, as always, these will be right in the middle of Kingsmen Park. As a former theater student, am I allowed to give a biased remark? These shows are so well done! Maybe it’s just me, but watching such great performances outdoors is so much better than indoors! More information, including dates and times can be found on the school website (www.callutheran.edu) or you can link directly to the information at www.kingsmenshakespeare.org.

We also want to take this opportunity to ask you for your feedback.  Desta and I have both struggled a bit with creating a class letter in the past and part of that challenge is wishing we had more personal stories about you, our classmates, to share. With the school’s website being managed so much more closely now, it’s pretty easy to keep up with what’s new on campus, but we’re pretty sure what would be far MORE interesting and meaningful in this class letter would be classmate updates!

Of course the CLU Magazine has info that’s shared with everyone, including birth and wedding announcements, but if you have news or more detailed stories you’d like us to share with just our class this is the way we can do that.  We’d love to highlight 2-4 classmates every class letter (more if need be) and really help every keep connected. Reach out to Desta or I, we’ll be sure we include your updates (with your editorial approval!) in our next class letter.

In the meantime, one very effective way to keep in touch with the rest of our class is via LinkedIn and Facebook.  Specifically on LinkedIn, we’ve seen many professional focused alumni networking groups being formed to help foster a proactive community of advancement and professional development as well as encouragement and innovative and constructive idea sharing.  If you need help finding any of these groups or have an interest in making sure your classmates know about a group you love, let us know! We can help share that information or connect you to what we’re already aware of too.

Somewhat related to the personal and professional benefits found with the social sites, we also want to remind you that CLU’s career center is also an amazing resource that remains available to you as alumni if you want any assistance with career advancement, career search, candidate searches or talent and skill improvements. They have countless workshops you can participate in as well as one-on-one services whatever your career needs may be. In this tough economy, it’s an asset you should certainly keep in mind.

The limits of this class letter are really up to our own (Class of 1996) creativity limits. We’d love to know what people would like to see more of or less of.  In addition to stories or personal updates, this could, for example, be a really powerful way to encourage or thank other classmates for the impact they’ve made in your life. Or perhaps you have prayer requests you’d like to share, for yourself or others. We can make this anything we like to make it.

We all went through a lot together as a class and in many cases even since graduation. We’d like to invite you to imagine ways this class letter can be used to continue to deepen those relationships.  We can write informational updates about CLU all day long, and will certainly include highlights, but hopefully this can have some personal value as well.

In somewhat somber news, although still very inspiring at the same time, the beloved Rev. Dr. Jarvis Streeter (recently named an honorary alumni for 2013) has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He has been open about his cancer since originally being diagnosed and has been very public about his reflections on life and relationships and religion in the face of it as well. He’s been welcoming of all communication and visits along the way as well, when he’s able and continues to be. If he was an impactful person in your CLU experience, as he was for me, I encourage you to reach out to him – just as I would encourage you to do with any of the people who helped develop or challenge you – and share your thoughts, appreciation or even mere ponderings as he certainly enjoys them.

We hope you feel inspired to reach out to us and share your feedback, your stories or whatever moves you! You can find our contact information below. I have seen and heard so many great things that are going on with so many of you, from classmates running for office, to starting new charities, to being on tour, etc. But without your direct request and approval, we don’t want to broadcast your news.

When we take a few minutes to reflect and inspect, we will see inspiration and awe anywhere we look. Our daily lives, though they may seem mundane at times, are no exception.  Let’s share what moves us, what fires our spirits and yet also “keep it real” and know real life throws struggles our way too.

Despite being given a piece of paper that says I’m also an English major, it’s pretty obvious I’m no great writer. So help us out and let us know how we can make this semi-annual letter better!

Love you all! GO CLU!

Class Reps,

Chad McCloskey               cpmccloskey@gmail.com

Desta Goehner                 destagoehner@gmail.com