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Adina Nack, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology, Gender and Women's Studies

Phone: (805) 493-3438
Office: Swenson Center, Room 230
Curriculum Vitae: Download


A tenured professor of sociology, Dr. Adina Nack has served as Chair of the Sociology Department, Director of CLU's Center for Equality & Justice, and as the Director of CLU's Gender & Women's Studies Program. Nack received her Ph.D. from the University of Colorado, Boulder and joined CLU in 2003, after having been faculty at the University of Maine.

Dr. Nack is a medical sociologist whose research has focused on sexual health, social psychology, social inequality, gender, and sexuality. An award-winning teacher, she has also won national research awards, published articles on the stigma of sexually transmitted diseases, and authored a book on women living with genital herpes and HPV infections published by Temple University Press in 2008. Her co-authored article was recently published on a study of women who have had abortions with a focus on theorizing their individual-level stigma experiences [Co-PI Kate Cockrill from ANSIRH, University of California - San Francisco]. She is currently collaborating on an in-depth interview study of physically traumatic childbirth experiences from the perspectives of the women, their significant others, and health care providers [Co-PIs from CLU and also from CMQCC, Stanford Medical School].

A proponent of community-based action research, Nack was a Co-Principal Investigator for Ventura County’s two recent studies of Latinos/as receiving HIV/AIDS services (funded by the California State Office of AIDS). The first study inspired the 2006 countywide HIV & Latinos: A Leadership Summit which led to the creation of the Latino HIV Taskforce. In addition to her work with VCPH, she has also served as a research consultant for the ELCA Sexuality Studies Taskforce, Western Institute of Hearing, United Women's Leadership Council, and AIDS Desk (Chennai, India).

A member of the HIV/AIDS Coalition of Ventura County since 2003, Nack chairs the county's World AIDS Day Committee.

Research, Teaching, and Community Service Awards:

2009 Writers Workshop for Feminist Scholars – Scholarship granted by Ms. Magazine

2009 Best of Ventura County Award for "Best Person to Talk to About Sex" – Granted by the VC Reporter and its readers

2009 Diversity Professor of the Year Award – Granted by California Lutheran University Student Body

2008 Ventura County Community Member of the Year Award – Granted by Planned Parenthood of Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo Counties

2006 Mark Vartanian AIDS Advocacy Award – Granted by Ventura County Rainbow Alliance

2004 Professor of the Year Award – Granted by California Lutheran University Student Body

2001 Herbert Blumer Award – Granted by the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction

1994 Phi Beta Kappa – inducted at the University of California, Irvine


Ph.D. in Sociology, University of Colorado, Boulder
B.A. in Social Ecology, University of California, Irvine: Magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa


Medical Sociology
Social Psychology
Popular Culture
Ethnographic Methods


The following list includes selected publications -- please see C.V. for a full list of publications and conference presentations:

Books, Journal Articles & Book Chapters

2013. Co-authored with Kate Cockrill. “‘I’m Not That Type of Person’: The Stigma ofHaving an Abortion in theContemporary U.S.” Deviant Behavior, 34(12):973-90.

2011. “From Damaged Goods to Empowered Patients” in Sociologists in Action: Sociology, Social Change, and Social Justice. Edited by Kathleen Odell Korgen, Jonathan White and Shelley K. White. Newbury Park, CA: Pine Forge Press/SAGE Publications.

2015. Reprinted in Sociologists in Action on Inequalities: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality. Edited by Shelley K. White, Jonathan M. White and Kathleen Odell Korgen. Newbury Park, CA: Pine Forge Press/SAGE Publications.

2008. “From the Patient’s Point of View: Practitioner Interaction Styles in the Treatment of Women with Chronic STDs” Pp. 95-122 in Major Health Problems and Population Health Concerns: Impacts on Patients, Providers and Policy. Edited by Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld. WA, UK: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

2008. Damaged Goods? Women Living with Incurable Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Temple University Press.

2009. Revision of Chapter 1 “Mixing Morality with Medicine” in Speaking of Sexuality: InterdisciplinaryReadings (Third Edition). Edited by J. Kenneth Davidson, Nelwyn B. Moore, and Terri D. Fisher. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

2006. “Sexuality over the Lifespan: Social Trends Pose Moral Dilemmas for Communities of Faith.” Intersections (Spring): 16-20.

2002. “Bad Girls and Fallen Women: Chronic STD Diagnoses as Gateways to Tribal Stigma.” Symbolic Interaction 25(4): 463-485. [Reprinted in two anthologies]

2000. "Damaged Goods: Women Managing the Stigma of STDs." Deviant Behavior (21):95-121. [Reprinted in 10 anthologies]

Book and FilmReviews for Academic Journals

2013. “Film Review: Sext Up Kids: How Children Are Becoming Hypersexualized.”Humanity & Society, 37(3): 259-261.

2007. Review. Gender, Race, Class, & Health: Intersectional Approaches by Amy J. Schulz and Leith Mullings. Gender & Society 21 (2):297-8.

2001. Review. Ideologies of Breast Cancer: Feminist Perspectives edited by Laura K. Potts. Contemporary Sociology 30(3):300-01.

Research/Policy Reports

2008. Latinas Who Access HIV/AIDS Services in Ventura County: Report to HIV/AIDS Service Providers & Educators (co-authored with Lyn Gesch, Ph.D.)

2007. Latino Men Who Access HIV/AIDS Services in Ventura County: Report to HIV/AIDS Service Providers (co-authored with Lyn Gesch, Ph.D.)

Non-fiction Articles & other Research-Based Publications

2010. “Why Men’s Health is a Feminist Issue: As New Uses are Approved for the So-Called Cervical Cancer Vaccine, Women Learn Once Again how Intimately their Well-being is Tied to Men’s.” Ms. Magazine (Winter):32-35.

2009. "Valentine's Day Fact Sheet on Sexual Health." Council on Contemporary Families:

2007. “A Search for Truth and a Call for Freedom.” CLU Magazine (Summer): 21.

2005. “A Visit from the GLBT Fairy Godmother.” in the ASA Teaching Guide: Teaching Sociological Concepts and the Sociology of Gender. Edited by Marybeth C. Stalp and Julie Childers. Washington, D.C.: American Sociological Association Teaching Resources Center.

2002. “Empathy as a Path to Critical Thinking.” SWS Network News: The Newsletter of Sociologists for Women in Society 19 (4):9-11.

2000. “Out of the Stirrups and into Stigma: Creating a Sociology of STDs.” SWS Network News: The Newsletter of Sociologists for Women in Society 18(2):8-9.

Research-based Blogs
2011-present Invited author for Truthout
2010-present Invited author for the Temple University Press blog North Philly Notes
2010-present Invited author for the Ms. Magazine Blog
2008-present Editor and regular columnist for the feminist research blog Girl w/ Pen
2008-present Invited author for the American Sociological Association's Sociological Images blog and Sexuality & Society blog