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Tutoring Information

Tutoring services, brought to you by the CAAR office, exists to provide all CLU students access to information for academic assistance via tutoring for the various departments on campus. We work closely with each department in order to provide a current tutoring schedule each semester that is available through the links below.

The Departmental Assistants and Tutors possess exceptional competence in their subject area and are here to support other CLU students. Click on the subject to find the tutoring schedules and locations. If a subject does not have a link, it means we are still in the process of finding out the hours.  We will put them on the website as soon as they are available.



A:     Art (Please contact the Art Department for Tutor/DA availabilities.)

B:     Biology  



C:     Chemistry        Communication        Computer Science        Criminal Justice

E:     English      Environmental Science      Exercise Science

G:     Geology     Global Studies   

H:      History  

L:     Languages (Please contact the Language Department for Tutor/DA availabilities.) _____________________________________________________________________   

M:     Math     

          Multimedia (Please contact the multimedia Department for Tutor/DA availabilities.)     


P:      Philosophy     Physics      Political Science      Psychology

R:     Religion 

S:    Sociology     

If you have any questions, comments, or are unsure where to start, please contact Niusha Farzadfar, Academic Counselor in CAAR, at or (805) 493-3259. You may also contact Erashel Vaiz, Director of CAAR, at or (805) 493-3258, for additional information regarding tutoring services.


Tutor Training and Support

If you are a CLU departmental assistant, tutor, or supervisor who would like to coordinate training for your tutors, we are here for you! We offer support, mentoring, and training using guidelines by the National Tutoring Association ( Below is a list of training topics to supplement your tutoring experience. For more information, please contact Erashel Vaiz, Director of CAAR, at or (805) 493-3258.

Training Topics

· Definition of Tutoring**

· Understanding the tutoring process**

· Structure of the initial tutoring session**

· Basic steps for successful tutoring sessions**

· Questioning skills**

· Listening skills**

· Use of positive reinforcement**

· Realistic outcome expectations**

· Benchmarking for success**

· Dealing with difficult tutoring situations**

· Dealing with frustrated students**

· Tutor safety**

· Basic learning theory

· Academic intervention strategies

· Use of technology

· Discussion of tutorial responsibilities and ethics**

· Role modeling and mentoring**

· Setting goals and planning**

· Basic communication skills**

· Basic study skills**

· Critical thinking skills**

· Literacy concerns

· Tutoring learning disabled students

· Problem solving skills

· Diversity issues**

· Learning styles and multiple modalities

· Learners in transition

· Non-traditional learners

· Group dynamics


** Indicates key training topics.


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