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4A Cause

Nonprofit Internship Program

The “4A Cause” Internship Program gives nonprofit organizations the opportunity to have an unpaid Undergraduate or Graduate Intern assist them with a variety of work-related tasks. Whereas most intenrships look for certain skills or majors, we screen qualified students and match them with a nonprofit cause they care about.

Once students are on site, they can help in areas of marketing, outreach, public relations, grant writing, web and graphic design, social media marketing, writing, finance, research, and more. If your organization has hiring needs, you may also find a strong candidate for a job.

The program lasts at least 10 weeks (or 12, if the student is receiving academic credit), with a minimum of 6 hours required each week. However, once the formal “4A Cause” Internship is completed, you and the student have the option to decide if and how to proceed with an internship extension.

For 2012, the program will begin the week of September 10 and run to the middle of November or December.

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