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We offer workshops throughout the academic year to help you prepare for career and graduate school exploration. See which workshops are being offered...

Who am I and How do I Pursue My Purpose?

Topics: Learn different ways to identify your passions, interests, strengths, and sense of purpose. Learn more about your personality from the Myers-Briggs assessment and learn how to explore various careers that suit you. We will also review how to conduct field research and develop strategies to give you a competitive edge in starting your career or while making a transition.

Marketing U: How to Create an Epic Resume

Topics: Need help putting together a resume? Learn how to format, use action verbs and buzzwords, utilize the newest trends and include internships and volunteer work and focus on skills employers are seeking. We will also briefly cover letters, references, recommendations and thank you letters.

Social Media & Your Career: How to Network and Find Jobs on LinkedIn and Twitter

Topics: Learn the basics on how social media and can help/hurt you and your career. Plus we will discuss how to maximize LinkedIn and Twitter in your job search. LinkedIn tips include how to set up your profile, connect and network with employers, ask for introductions and recommendations, and find job openings.

Networking: Going from Awkward to Awesome

Topics: Learn what to do (and not do) to successfully network and why it is important to you and your career.  We will cover how to start a conversation, keep it going, and end it.  We will include tips for networking in person and online.

Where are all the Jobs?  Tapping into the Hidden Job Market

Topics: Did you know 75-85% of all jobs are not advertised?  Take charge of your job search and get your resume to hiring managers for companies that YOU want to work for. The workshop will help develop tactics for approaching employers strategically to generate more interviews.

Interview Like a Pro

Topics: Are you prepared for your next interview?   We will give you tips on different types of questions, and how to a handle phone or a panel interview.  This is an interactive workshop about how to effectively prepare before you go in.  Learn what to wear, appropriate body language, and how to follow up after your interview.

Know Your Worth: How to Negotiate the Best Salary

Topics: Learn how to navigate through salary negotiations with employers. You will learn how to conduct salary research and respond to salary. You will develop your employer/applicant discussions, and postponement tactics and learn to give an employer a salary range, history, alternate forms of compensation, and how to ask for that raise you’ve been waiting for!

US Job Search-For International Students

Topics: Are you an international student or alumni looking for an internship or job? Confused or uncertain about how the job search works in the US? This workshop will review the job search process including creating  cover letters and resumes, job search strategies, interview preparation, and how to deal with OPT, CPT, and Sponsorship issues.

Grad School Test Prep  

Topics: If you plan to apply to a grad or PhD program, then you will need to study for one of the entrance exams associated with your program. A Kaplan representative will go over MCAT or GMAT/GRE preparation including test format, scoring and sample questions. *Test type topic varies by semester

Grad School Workshop

Topics: Thinking about applying to grad school or a PhD program?  This workshop will cover the application process, timelines for what and when to get started, writing essays, test prep and more. Learn how to set up a placement file so that Career Services can send all of your letters of recommendation for you!

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For assistance or more information, please contact us, either by stopping by the Career Center or by making an appointment with a Career Counselor.

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