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Law School Application Assistance Program

What is Law School Application Assistance Program?

The Law School Application Assistance Program at CLU is a free service to assist CLU students and alumni with mailing their letters of recommendation to various law schools they are applying to. The main purpose of the Law School Application Assistance Program is to maintain letters in a centralized place and to assist students and alumni with mailing letters in a timely manner.

What are the benefits of using the Program?

By utilizing this program, letters will be sent directly by Career Services, ensuring confidentiality. The program is useful when asking faculty or off campus letter writers for letters that may need to be sent to 10-20 schools. The service will in turn save students the costs of copying, mailing and postage. The Law School Assistance Program will handle mailing letters by deadlines to various schools. Writers need to send letters directly to Career Services. When your letters are mailed to schools, Career Services will include a statement that the student applying has waived all rights to the contents of their file, referring to the Letters of Recommendation. Students are still responsible for applying online, taking the LSAT or other exams, and forwarding transcripts.

What do I need to do to take advantage of this program?

Pick up a Pre-Law packet at the Career Center. It will include the following:

  • Student Information Form/Waiver of Rights to Pre-Law File – This form starts your file, complete and sign. It is your responsibility to have all letters sent directly to Career Services. Then when requests from schools come in, email Cynthia Smith at with where you want us to send letters.
  • Applicant Summary Sheet – Used as a guide for letter writers. You will submit the completed form to faculty or employers, which provides information about you so that your letter writers can write you the strongest letter possible.
  • Packet of handouts including, timeline, LSAT information, etc.

What is the deadline to have letters sent to Career Services?

Writers will need to address letter to “Dear Law School Admissions:” and send letter to Career Services, 60 West Olsen Road #2400 Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-2700 or through campus mail (mail code: 2400). We will make copies of all letters and send them out to Law Schools. There is no deadline or limit for the number of schools that we will send copies of your Recommendations to. However, each letter will need a Letter of Recommendation form which you can obtain while completing your application.

When will my letters be sent to schools?

Letters can be sent when you have a minimum of three letters in your file and you have submitted your request by email to Cynthia Smith at It is your responsibility to periodically check the status of your file and to follow up with letter writers for any letters you are waiting on.


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