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Application Guidelines

Academic Achievement

Grade Point Average
  • 5% of those accepted had below a 3.0 GPA
  • The average GPA of those accepted is 3.5
  • GPA is examined in context of the student's overall educational data
  • The easier it was to be accepted to your undergraduate college, the higher your GPA must be
  • An upward pattern in your GPA demonstrates the ability to adjust to educational demands over time
Science Course Grades
  • A solid level of good performance (3.5 or better) will demonstrate the ability to handle the intellectual demands of medical school
  • Effort given to achieve those grades gives a pre-med student the opportunity to evaluate his/her abilities and career choice
College Attended
  • Attendance at a university with an affiliated medical school will offer some degree of priority because universities accept a number of freshmen from their own college
  • Those who attend a private college have a better chance of getting into a private medical school
  • An undergraduate college with an established medical school admission record is an advantage

Intellectual Potential

MCAT Scores
  • Indicator of academic potential
  • Will be used to support academic record
  • Confirms your status as an attractive applicant
Letters of Recommendation
  • Supplement the quantitative data provided by transcripts and MCAT scores
  • Adds to overall impression that your college work established
  • Medical schools prefer letters from the Health Professions Advisory Committee, natural science or other faculty members

Personal Attributes

Exposure to Medicine
  • Extracurricular activities like Summer Enrichment Programs are useful (see Barron's Guide to Medical and Dental Schools by Paul Wischnitzer)
  • Special Achievements such as acceptance to honor societies and receiving awards for scholastic achievement
  • Leadership Activities such as developing teams to visit the sick in the school infirmary or visiting the elderly

Am I a Competative Applicant?

A quick way to determine if you are a competitive applicant for medical school is to use this formula:

Science GPA x 10 + MCAT = >65

That is, multiply the GPA of your science classes by 10, then add your MCAT score. If the result is greater than or equal to 65, then this is a good indicator that you are a competitive candidate for medical school.

For assistance or more information, please contact us, either by stopping by the Career Center or by making an appointment with a Career Counselor.

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