Community Leaders Association

Mathews Leadership Forum

Wednesday, Oct. 22, 5:45 - 9 p.m.
Lundring Events Center

Career Development: Technology's Impact on Employees and Employers

As the pace of technology continues to accelerate, how do we educate a workforce for jobs that currently don't exist? How do employees acquire the skills necessary to survive in a rapidly changing environment? And what skills are employers looking for to foster innovation and address future technical needs?

Technology and the challenges it presents will be the topic of discussion at the 2014 Mathews Leadership Forum. Sponsored by the Community Leaders Association and UCLA Health, the forum creates a stimulating environment for meaningful discussion among students, faculty members, business leaders and professionals.

The evening event will begin with roundtable discussions where business and community leaders are paired with CLU students and faculty members in order to build relationships and provide mentoring opportunities. The roundtable discussions will be followed by dinner and a panel discussion.


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