Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program (DBT)

What's Typically Involved

Weekly individual psychotherapy:
  • Areas of desired change are identified.
  • An understanding of what contributes to the problems and interferes with change is developed.
  • New and more effective alternatives are learned.
  • Individual sessions are approximately 50-minutes and meet once per week for one year.
Skills training classes:
  • Specific skills that are essential for managing emotional distress are learned.
  • Skills classes are two hours long and meet weekly for one year.
Consultation meeting for therapists:
  • The therapy team meets regularly to assist each other in providing effective and compassionate treatment.
Between-session coaching with therapist:
  • This provides an opportunity for "real-life" coaching for using the skills being learned.
Assessment and Measurement of Effectiveness:
  • Ongoing assessment of client progress is essential for measuring how the program works.
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