Verizon Intimate Partner Violence Intervention Program

About Us

Are you or someone you know experiencing violence from a partner?

Intimate Partner Violence may include:

  • Threats and intimidation
  • Destruction of property
  • Sexual or physical violence
  • Emotional control

California Lutheran University's Community Counseling and Parent Child Study Center provides high quality, free counseling to adult survivors and their children.

Our Services:

Funded from a grant from Verizon Foundation, the California Lutheran University IPV Intervention Program provides mental health services for survivors of intimate partner violence.  If you are currently in or have been in a violent relationship, you may qualify for these free services.  The program’s aim is to reduce the incidence of intimate partner violence by promoting self-awareness and support for survivors.



 Before entering the program, participants are asked to participate in two pre-program assessment sessions.  This provides invaluable information which will be used to help mental health professionals better understand intimate partner violence, as well as how best to meet participants’ needs within the program.

 Individual Therapy:

 Participants are required to attend weekly individual therapy sessions with Marriage and Family Therapy Trainees or Doctoral Student Trainees under the supervision of licensed mental health professionals.  These therapists complete extensive training in a specialization course focused specifically on treating survivors and families affected by intimate partner violence.

Group Therapy:

A 12-week group, which allows participants the opportunity to explore relationship dynamics and intimate partner interactions in the midst of a supportive group environment.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please call: Jenna Knauss at 805-493-3621 or 805-493-3390 to complete a phone intake.

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