Psychotherapy process and outcome research informs clinical practice by testing theoretical propositions on how therapy effects change, under what conditions; and for whom.

The Center is committed to developing a research program that is informed by leading research projects in the field aimed at furthering our understanding of areas such as, child development, psychopathology, and clinical process.

The Center counts on the support of an internationally renowned Research Advisory Board, whose members have been actively engaged in research in the areas of cognitive science, neurospsychology, child development, and attachment theory.

The Center seeks to develop research that will have direct application to the individuals, couples, families and children that we serve on a daily basis.

CLU partners with Mandalay Bay Women and Children's Group in Oxnard to help mothers with postpartum depression.

As many as 14.5% of women who give birth, suffer from postpartum depression according to estimates from the National Institute of Health. The Community Counseling and Parent Child Study Center of CLU has partnered with the Mandalay Bay Women and Children's Group in Oxnard to provide counseling to mothers experiencing post-partum depression.

Mothers who receive services at the Mandalay Clinic are routinely screened for depression using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale. If they are having problems coping, mothers are offered counseling services provided at the Mandalay Bay clinic by Masters level MFT trainees under the supervision of experienced, licensed clinicians.

It is well established that a mother's post-partum depression can affect the infant's development and have consequences that extend into the child's life, even into adulthood. With proper treatment that includes counseling, however, a mother can develop coping skills, perform her functions, and be there for her infant.

For more information about counseling at the Mandalay Clinic in Oxnard, contact the Community Counseling and Parent Child Study Center of CLU at 805-493-3390.

Please see the interview of Dr. Bob Lefkowitz, Director of the Mandalay Bay, Women and Children's Group.

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