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Photography Services

We provides photographic services designed to increase CLU's visibility and enhance its reputation for academic quality through images published in major publications and CLU's Web site. In addition to University event coverage and special photographic assignments, CLU photographers document student and academic life, year round, for use in publications and the University Web site.

Scheduling a Photographer

CLU's part-time University Photographer, Brian Stethem, and other staff members also provide special photographic services. These outstanding photographers also have limited availability. Therefore, we often need to contract with freelance professionals. Because timely scheduling is critical, please submit your photo requests at least two weeks in advance.

To see if a photographer is available for your event, please email the event details to

Priority Guidelines

Photography is scheduled and provided base on the following priority guidelines:


University Photographer
University Marketing coordinates, manages, and pays for photography

  • MILESTONE EVENTS. Any event or photo that marks a milestone in University history, culture, image or reputation for academic quality.
  • VIPs OR DIGNITARIES. VIPs or dignitaries as guests or major speakers
  • HIGH PROFILE USE. Photos of campus, student life, buildings, etc. that will be used in high profile publications and have the potential for multiple uses and/or uses in other than its primary publication. University Marketing and Communications determine if requested photography qualifies as high profile.

Client Hired Freelance Photographer
University Marketing provides a list of approved photographers
Client manages and pays for photography services

  • LOW PROFILE EVENTS. Events and receptions where CLU dignitaries are not scheduled to attend
  • LIMITED INTEREST EVENTS. Events that do not have university-wide significance
  • SHORT-TERM USE IMAGES. Photos with limited "shelf-life" or long-term use

Check out digital camera
Client to check out digital camera from Media Services

  • CONSTRUCTION IMAGES. Documentation of construction
  • STUDENT ONLY EVENTS. Student events - a staff or faculty member must check out camera
  • SHORT-TERM BENEFIT IMAGES. Photos with no long-term benefit to the University
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