Personnel Search

Name Title Department Contact Office
Caballero, Martha Housekeeper I caballer
Cabral, Lauren Residential Staff - UB lcabral
Cabrera, Christopher Assistant Football Coach Athletics cabrera
Cadena, Erick Tutor - Upward Bound MSUB ecadena
Cady, Thomas Adjunct - Criminal Justice Criminal Justice tcady (805) 493-3450 Swenson 3800
Cady, Thomas Adjunct - Criminal Justice Masters-Public Admin tcady Alumni Hall 3800
Cahill, Joseph Adjunct/Overload - BIOL Biology cahill
Calara, Kristine Assoc. VP-Univ. Advancement University Advancement kcalara (805) 493-3837 Admin Bldg 1675
Caldaron, Quinn Adjunct/Lecturer - EXSC Exercise Science qcaldaro Gilbert Sports & Fitness Ctr. 3400
Calderon, Gracia Housekeeper I gcaldero
Caldwell, Ri'chard Crd-Stu Involvement/Wellness Student Life rcaldwell (805) 493-3950 6300
Caldwell, Sharlene Adjunct/Overload Athletics sncaldwe
Campfield, Alan Adjunct/Lecturer - Comm. Communication acampfie (805) 493-3450 Swenson 3800
Campos, Gerardo Printing Press Operator Printing Services gcampos (805) 493-3190 Publications Bldg 2150
Canacoo, Joel Student C W S-Intramural Sport jcanacoo
Cano, Christine Capital Project Assistant Facility Operations & Planning ccano (805) 493-3506 Facilities 3200
Card, Angela Adjunct/Lecturer - MBA School of Management acard (805) 493-3360
Card, Jess Assistant Men's Golf Coach Athletics card (805) 493-3539 Gilbert Sports & Fitness Ctr. 3400
Cardona, Dora Grad Admiss. Operations Crd. Graduate and Adult Programs dcardona (805) 493-3128 Alumni Hall 2200
Carlson, Matthew Adjunct/Overload - CHEM Chemistry mcarlso