Personnel Search

Name Title Department Contact Office
Tippett, Jennifer Adjunct/Overload - PsyD Graduate Psychology jtippett
Todd, Benjamin Adjunct/Lecturer - Education Graduate School of Education bjtodd (805) 493-3421 Spies-Bornemann Education Cntr 4100
Toland, Randy Admin. Asst. to the Dean College of Arts & Sciences toland (805) 493-3015 Humanities 246 3900
Toledo, Carlos Housekeeper II ctoledo
Tomblin, Fred Adjunct Faculty - Physics Physics ftomblin (805) 493-3342 D Building D-1 3750
Topalian, Daryl Adjunct/Overload - EDCG dtopalia
Topolinski, Katrina Adjunct/Overload - Math Mathematics ktopolin
Torres, Cynthia Adjunct/Lecturer - MFC Center Graduate Psychology cptorres
Torres, Gabriela Adjunct/Overload - EDCG gtorres
Torres, Monica Adjunct/Overload - MPSYC -CL Graduate Psychology mtorres (805) 493-3675
Towe, Ricky HVAC Technician Facility Operations & Planning rtowe (805) 493-3216 Facilities 3200
Toyen, Cheri Adjunct Lecturer Graduate School of Education ctoyen (805) 493-3421 Spies-Bornemann Education Cntr 4100
Tran, Tu Adjunct/Overload Bach. Degree for Professionals tmtran
Travis, Lori Adjunct/Overload - MANG School of Management ltravis
Treptow, Andrea Assist. Dir. of Student Life Student Life atreptow (805) 493-3304 6300
Trujillo, Araceli Adjunct/Overload -L&C Languages and Culture atrujil
Tsui, Christine Accounting Technician III Business Office ctsui (805) 493-3261 Hansen Center 1200
Tucker, Janice Associate Professor Graduate School of Education jtucker (805) 493-3460 Spies-Bornemann Education Cntr 221 4100
Tufenkjian, Adriana Adjunct/Overload -L&C Languages and Culture atufenkjian
Tullberg, Theresia Adjunct Lecturer ttullber