Personnel Search

Name Title Department Contact Office
Baglyos, Paul Adjunct/Overload PLTS Instruction pbaglyos PLTS Campus
Balch, David Professor - PLTS PLTS Instruction dbalch PLTS Campus
Burroughs, Presian Adjunct/Overload PLTS Instruction bburroughs PLTS Campus
Chung, Paul Adjunct/Overload PLTS Instruction pchung PLTS Campus
Darden, Lynne Adjunct/Overload PLTS Instruction ldarden PLTS Campus
Ellis, James Housekeeper I PLTS Operations & Maintenance jrellis PLTS Campus
Evans, Christopher Asso Dean for Stdt Formation PLTS Instruction wevans PLTS Campus
Granquist, Mark Adjunct/Overload PLTS Instruction mgranquist PLTS Campus
Greig, Aaron Accounting Technician II PLTS Administration agreig PLTS Campus
Groth, Kara Pastoral Counselor PLTS Registrar kgroth PLTS Campus
Gulbranson, Kathryn Pastoral Counselor PLTS Registrar kgulbranson PLTS Campus
Hannan, Shauna Associate Professor-PLTS PLTS Instruction shannan PLTS Campus
Horne, Erin Clerical Assistant PLTS Administration ehorne PLTS Campus
Hurty, Kathleen Adjunct/Overload PLTS Instruction khurty PLTS Campus
Jacobson, Carol Associate Professor-PLTS PLTS Instruction cjacobson PLTS Campus
Jiminez, Jerry Maintenance Worker PLTS Operations & Maintenance jjiminez PLTS Campus
Johnson, Holly Director of Admission PLTS Admission hjohnson PLTS Campus
Johnson, Jeff Pastoral Counselor PLTS Registrar jjohns PLTS Campus
Kalin, Everett Adjunct/Overload - Plts PLTS TEEM ekalin PLTS Campus
Mafico, Temba Adjunct/Overload PLTS Instruction tmafico PLTS Campus
Maloney, Michael Facilities Supervisor PLTS Operations & Maintenance mmaloney PLTS Campus
McCrary, Carolyn Adjunct/Overload - Plts PLTS TEEM cmccrary PLTS Campus
McDonald, Gretchen Admin. Asst to the Dean PLTS Dean's Office gmcdonald PLTS Campus
Miles, Carol Adjunct/Overload PLTS Instruction cmiles PLTS Campus
Min, Ki Wook Seminary Assistant PLTS Instruction kmin PLTS Campus
Moe-Lobeda, Cynthia Professor - PLTS PLTS Instruction cmoelobeda PLTS Campus
Moles, Kathryn Adjunct/Overload PLTS Instruction kmoles PLTS Campus
Nysse, Richard Adjunct/Overload - Plts PLTS TEEM rnysse PLTS Campus
Ow, Debora Business Operations Manager PLTS Administration dow PLTS Campus
Pence, Gary Adjunct/Overload PLTS Instruction gpence PLTS Campus
Peters, Theodore Adjunct/Overload PLTS Instruction tpeters PLTS Campus
Phillips, Jane Administrative Ass't-PLTS PLTS Instruction jphillips PLTS Campus
Ramos, Lisa Administrative Assistant PLTS Contextual Education lramos PLTS Campus
Randolph, Jamie Graduate Assistant PLTS Instruction jrandolph PLTS Campus
Rogahn, Roger Adjunct/Overload PLTS Instruction rrogahn PLTS Campus
Schiefelbein, Kyle CRD - Online Education Distance Learning kschiefelbein PLTS Campus
Schultz, Sara Adm Asst - Admiss. & Housing PLTS Admission saraschultz PLTS Campus
Seeger, Rodney Pastoral Counselor PLTS Registrar rseeger PLTS Campus
Serrano, Joshua Pastoral Counselor PLTS Registrar jgserrano PLTS Campus
Shallue, Diane Adjunct/Overload - Plts PLTS TEEM dshallue PLTS Campus
Starr, Diane Admission & Res. Life Crd PLTS Admission dstarr PLTS Campus
Stein-Webber, Brian Dir of Seminary Relations PLTS Advancement bsteinwebber PLTS Campus
Stjerna, Kirsi Professor - PLTS PLTS Instruction kstjerna PLTS Campus
Stortz, Martha Adjunct/Overload PLTS Instruction mstortz PLTS Campus
Vargas, Alicia Interim Dean PLTS Dean's Office avargas PLTS Campus
Veen, Leslie PLTS-Lect & Dir Contextual PLTS Contextual Education lveen PLTS Campus
Wilkerson, Gary Adjunct/Overload PLTS Instruction gwilkerson PLTS Campus
Wilson, Sara Assc Dir of Seminary Rels. PLTS Advancement slwilson PLTS Campus