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Alumni Spotlight

Alumni are vital to the continued success of the Graduate School of Education. We have highlighted a few alumni who through their involvement, support and commitment have made a tremendous impact on the future success of the Graduate School of Education.

First Doctoral Alumni Class Establishes Tradition of Giving

First Doctoral Graduating Class, 2006

The first alumni class of the Graduate School of Education's Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership donated and presented a class gift to establish the STRIVE for Excellence in Educational Leadership graduate fellowship at the doctoral commencement reception held on May 10, 2007.

The graduate fellowship will be awarded to a doctoral student in the third or fourth year of the program who has demonstrated scholarly and moral excellence and a commitment to the program. The alumni's generous gift begins a tradition of giving in the doctoral program. They hope their gift will grow through the efforts of future graduating classes each year.

Doctoral alumni class representative, Susan Tandberg, Ed.D. 2006, said, "It is my hope that we have established a tradition of giving back to the program and we continue to forge a trail of excellence, dedication, honor and kindness built on moral responsibility."

The alumni class consisted of 13 educational leaders who were pioneers of the doctoral program, being the first to successfully complete the four-year program. They came to the program with various backgrounds and leadership experiences. Each of them has made an impact in the field of education and continues to make a difference in our educational community.

Photo of Randy Delling

Randy Delling, Ed.D. '06
Randy V. Delling, Admin.Cred. ’02, Ed.D. ’06, has been recognized by the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) as the State Secondary Principal of the Year 2010 making him the California
candidate for the national award. Delling, who has been the principal at North Hollywood High School for the past eight years, has been in
education for 25 years.


Susie Wenger

Susie Wenger, '69
As the founder and administrator of Pathway School, Susie Wenger has encouraged and developed the learning potential of countless children who learn differently.

Founded in 2002, Pathway School was established with the goal of creating a comfortable learning environment for children with distinctive learning styles. Pathway, which accommodates students in elementary, junior high and high school, is unique in the way that it creates individual education programs for each student who may have not been well served in a traditional classroom setting. Read more....


Photo of Diane Vasquez

Diane Vasquez, M.S. '07

Although Diane Vasquez is a recent graduate of CLU’s Counseling
and Guidance Program, she has quickly become a strong advocate for the school counseling profession. As president of the Ventura County School Counselors Association (VCSCA), Vasquez strives to call attention to the importance of school counselors as partners in educating students. The VCSCA, which currently serves 140 K-14 school counselors, provides professional development, support, encouragement, and a voice to share ideas and concerns. Read more...

Victoria Willig

Spend five minutes talking with special education teacher Vicki Willig about her students and what they can accomplish, and it's easy to see why she was named one of the top 13 teachers in the state..


Susan Tandberg '06

Susan Tandberg, Ed.D., leads the way in one of America's most challenging educational fronts - special education in the nation's second largest school district. The Cal Lutheran graduate has worked her way up the ranks of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Starting as a teacher, she rose in 2005 to the post of administrator of Special Education Secondary Instruction and Transition.


Antonio Castro '08

Having received the STRIVE for Excellence in Educational Leadership Fellowship, in addition to the CTA Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Scholarship, Assistant Principal and former Special Education Coordinator Antonio Castro is one impressive alumnus.


Karen Bornemann Spies
Karen Bornemann '70 Spies

Karen Bornemann Spies is truly one stellar alumna. She's been a teacher and school principal, and is author of 23 children's books (both fiction and non-fiction), religious reference materials and curriculum projects.

Her portfolio encompasses more than 100 articles and stories for Highlights Magazine, Children's Digest and Today's Christian Parent. Read more...

Dr. Judith Crowe
Dr. Judith Crowe '82, '87

CLU Assistant Professor Dr. Judith Crowe is a leader who embodies the Graduate School of Education's core values and beliefs as summarized in the STRIVE statement.

As the Director of the California Reading and Literature Project at CLU, she serves as a leader, teacher and mentor to educators throughout Southern California. Read more...

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