Graduate School of Education

Adjunct Faculty and Field Supervisors, 2013-2014

Department of Learning and Teaching
Name Email(s) Course(s) / Assignment
Biersborn, Roger EDTP 535-09
Block, Wendy TPA Lead Assessor
Boardman, Desley; Field Supervisor
Brasler, Janet; Field Supervisor
Brown, Christine; Field Supervisor
Burns, Janine TPA Assessor
Buxton, Marion Field Supervisor
Cano, Margaret (Nan)

EDTP 512, EDTP 513, EDTP 514

TPA Lead Assessor

Castro, Antonio EDTP 508, EDTP 556, EDTP 557
Cathcart, Amy  
Coler, Cynthia EDTP 525
TPA Assessor
D'Ascoli, Suzanne Field Supervisor
Dean, Michele  
Dominguez, Carlos EDTP 510
TPA Assessor
Donley, Marla TPA Assessor
Douglass, Elisabeth Field Supervisor / TPA Assessor
Eastman, Susan; Field Supervisor / TPA Assessor
Ernsberger, Gundhild "Hilde"  
Ferry, Diane TPA Assessor
Forrester, Kendall  
Freeman, Alison EDDH 518
Frey, Barbara Field Supervisor
Frias, Samantha TPA Assessor
Garcia, Elena TPA Assessor
Greenhill, Jacquelyn EDSP 537, EDSP 537A, EDSP 540E
Haddock, Karen Field Supervisor
Hays, Kelli EDTP 509
Hensley, Linda Field Supervisor / TPA Assessor
Herkner-Chasse, Pamela  
Hill, Marilyn EDDH 516
Ilan, Leah  
Judd, Julie D. EDTE 522
Kaiser, Ronald Field Supervisor
Kay, Jamie Evan TPA Assessor
Kezios, Theana; EDDH 527, EDDH 546
Kobabe, Donald Field Supervisor / TPA Assessor
Kolodney, Deborah EDTP 535-01
Kritscsher, Karin Field Supervisor
Krug, Tracy EDTP 535-06
Labelle, Melissa TPA Assessor
Larsen, Brett EDTP 535-08
Laumann, Judith; Field Supervisor
Levenson Goldstein, Suzanne; Education Reading Certificate Program
Lipari, Ron EDTP 535-04
Little, Mary Field Supervisor
Loggins, Janice;  
Looker, Lauren EDTP 535-05
Maiorca, Diana TPA Assessor
Marino, Frank Field Supervisor / TPA Assessor
Martinez, James EDTP-522-01
McAdam, Patricia (Pat); Field Supervisor / TPA Assessor
McCloskey, Christine  
Meir, Jacqueline TPA Assessor
Mesaros, Richard EDSP 527A, EDSP 539, EDSP 539A
Mockenhaupt, Donna  
Moffett, Dawn EDTP 563
Morgan, Sara C. Field Supervisor
Nardo, Joe Field Supervisor / TPA Assessor, EDTP 557
Nelli, Pamela Field Supervisor
Neuenschwander, Katherine EDDH-582
Nye, Catherine EDSP 523
O'Connor, Judy Field Supervisor
Pape, Patricia Field Supervisor
Penix, Carrie TPA Assessor
Reich, John Field Supervisor / TPA Assessor
Ross, Phil Field Supervisor / TPA Assessor
Schwartz, Robert Field Supervisor / TPA Assessor
Shaw, Tobey  
Shifman, Lynette Field Supervisor / TPA Assessor
Skinder, Judith Field Supervisor
Soronen, Carla Field Supervisor
Soto, Jorge EDTP 535-03
Sussman, Lydia EDDH 518
Tandberg, Susan  
Theisen, Samantha  
Todd, Benjamin EDTP 535-02
Tullberg, Terri Field Supervisor
Turner, Kathleen Field Supervisor / TPA Assessor
Uebelhardt, Kim; Education Reading Certificate Program
Villapudua, Nadia Adjunct
Weir, Jennifer EDLT 502
Weis, Diane EDSP 535-01
Whealon, Margaret (Peggy) Field Supervisor
Zuniga, Armando EDLT 502
Educational Leadership
Name Email(s) Course(s) / Assignment
Arriaga, Trudy;  
Bowers, Deborah ;
Cameron, Joanne ;
Edds, Holly  
Grady, Patricia Lynn  
Guerrero, Ernesto EDLD 627
McGehee-Koel, Gloria EDLD 637-A, EDLD 638-A
Mutz, Martha  
Normore, Anthony  
Parham, Jackson  
Puglisi, John EDLD 605-16
Rice, Roger EDLD 605-16
Roller, Katie EDLD 621
Salucci, Susan
Sina, Julie  
Stepenosky, Dan;
Wagner, Barbara  
Department of Counselor Education
Name Email(s) Course(s) / Assignment
Baldwin, David  
Carpenter, Amanda EDCD 527
Carrasco-Nungaray, Marian EDCG 566
Castro, Antonio EDTP 508
Coronado, Heidi  
DeLarme, Karie Adjunct
DeMirjian, Lisa EDCG 504
Du Bois, Karen  
Grant, Robin EDCG 521, EDCG 534
Phillips, Michelle EDCG 523
Topalian, Daryl ;
Toyen, Cheri EDCG 524
Wallace, Valerie EDCG 526, EDCG 528
Winningham, Elizabeth EDCG 527
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