Graduate School of Education

Meet the Staff

Photo of Lydia Chung

Lydia Chung

Administrative Assistant - California Reading & Literature Project
(805) 493-3705

Photo of Leisa Contreras

Leisa Contreras

Budget Analyst & Coordinator of Support Services
(805) 493-3510

Photo of Breanne Gibson

Breanne Gibson

Administrative Assistant - Departments of
Counseling & Guidance and Educational Leadership
(805) 493-3688

Photo of Clarisse Lincir

Clarisse Lincir

Administrative Assistant - Department of Learning and Teaching
(805) 493-3423


Photo of Eileen Ryding

Eileen Ryding

Administrative Assistant for Data Analysis
(805) 493-3424

Photo of Christina Canchola

Christina Soria

Credential Analyst
(805) 493-3425

Photo of Luke Tabor

Luke Tabor

Graduate Program Specialist - Marketing & Outreach
(805) 493-3656


Photo of Jessica Thompson

Jessica Thompson

Administrative Assistant for the Deans
(805) 493-3422

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