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Upcoming Events

Dr. Douglas Fisher will be on campus on Saturday May 30, 2015 to present a workshop on "Purposeful Learning." Click HERE for more information about the workshop and register online! Join us for our 5th Annual CRLP Summer Literacy Workshop Conference on Saturday June 20, 2015! This annual conference offers various workshops for K-12 educators on topics ranging from visual thining skills, metacognition, active learning, and many more! We are excited to have Dr. Steven Layne as this year's Keynote Speaker and Dr. Layne will lead a workshop on his latest professional book, In Defense of Read Aloud. Click HERE for more information about the conference and register online!


The mission of the California Reading and Literature Project (CRLP) is to provide high quality, standards-based professional development for teachers in reading and language instruction to help ensure that every California student K-12 achieves the highest standards of academic performance.

CRLP collaborates with partnership districts to support and sustain continuous improvement, including the implementation of Common Core State Standards.

CRLP Cal Lutheran serves schools and districts in Region 8, which includes Kern County, Santa Barbara County, San Luis Obispo County, and Ventura County.

Our Offerings

On-Site English Language Support Institutes for Schools and Districts:

  • Results: Academic Language and Literacy Instruction (RALLI)
  • CRLP Results: Word Recognition and Fluency
  • A Developmental English Proficiency Test (ADEPT)
  • Content Area Language and Literacy (CALL)
  • Coaching & Follow Up Training

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