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2042 Clear Multiple and Single Subject Teaching Credentials

California Lutheran University no longer offers a Clear Multiple and Single Subject Teaching Credential!

For 2042 Preliminary Credentials issued ON OR AFTER August 30, 2004, requirements are as follows:

  1. Successful completion of an approved two-year induction program through an employing school district, including advanced course work taken through the district

  2. If employed by a private (or other) school/district unable to provide an induction program, completion of an approved 2042 Fifth Year Program with a formal recommendation for the clear by the university. Candidates applying to an approved 2042 Fifth Year Program must submit an original, completed CCTC form CL-855 (Verification of Unavailability of a Commission-Approved Induction Program) along with other required admission materials.

For more detailed information on these options on the CCTC web site, click here for Multiple Subject or here for Single Subject.

Eligible candidates wishing to complete the approved 2042 Fifth Year (Clear) Program at Cal Lutheran and receive a formal recommendation, must apply to the program through Graduate Admissions.  The advanced study course work required for this program must be completed after the issuance date of the Preliminary Multiple Subject Teachig Credential (see CCTC Leaflet CL-561C).

How to Apply for the Clear Credential

Complete Request for Credential Recommendation.



Submit the application, receipt of $40 CLU application fee, a copy of your signed CPR card, front and back (or other verification of this requirement), and official transcripts for any non-CLU course work to the Graduate School of Education Credentials Office. Click here for detailed information regarding the new online credential application process. Submission of an application is required to initiate this process. 

Clear credentials are valid for five years, and renewable online.

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