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Adding the Autism Authorization to an existing Education Specialist Teaching Credential

The Level I and Level II Education Specialist Credential with a Mild to Moderate or Deaf and Hard of Hearing specialty does not authorize instruction to students with autism. This authorization is included in the Moderate to Severe specialty.

Candidates currently enrolled in a Level I or Level II (Mild/Moderate or Deaf and Hard of Hearing) program who successfully complete EDSP 515 Educating Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Theoretical Foundations, Interventions and Supports may include a request for the autism authorization at the time of application for the credential.  It is not necessary to complete a separate credential application.

Candidates who already hold a valid Level I or Level II (Mild/Moderate or Deaf and Hard of Hearing) credential must complete an application to request a recommendation through the Credential Office.


A separate document will not be issued. The new authorization will be added as code "AAAS" to the existing Education Specialist (prerequisite) credential as follows:

"The autism spectrum disorders added authorization authorizes the holder to conduct assessments, provide instruction, and special education related services to individuals with a primary disability of autism across the continuum of special education program options at the grade and age levels authorized by the prerequisite credential."

Teachers may wish to notify their employing school district of the added authorization.


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