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Clear Administrative Services Credential

The Preliminary Administrative Services Credential is valid for five years. By the end of the five-year period an administrator is expected to meet eligibility for the clear credential. 

The Clear Administrative Services Credential is offerered as a one-year, cohort model program.  Pending approval from accrediting agencies, the program will begin fall semester of 2013. 

For further information, please contact Dr. Robert Fraisse, Chair of the Educational Leadership Department. 

Credential Requirements

The CCTC requirements for the Clear Administrative Services Credential are:

  • Possession of a valid Preliminary Administrative Services credential
  • Verification of a minimum of two years successful experience in a full-time administrative position in a California public school, nonpublic school, or private school of equivalent status, while holding the preliminary credential
  • Completion of a Commission-approved program

For information regarding the renewal of this credential go to

Applying for the Credential

Upon completion of the program, an academic exit must be completed with faculty advisor. To apply for the Clear Administrative Services credential, submit the following to the Credentials Offic



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