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Supplementary and Subject Matter Authorizations

Supplementary Authorizations

Supplementary Authorization unit requirements do not meet content standards under the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act in specific “core academic subject areas.” These core academic subjects include art, English, foreign languages, mathematics, music, science (specific content areas of biology, chemistry, geoscience or physics), and social science.

Multiple Subject Credentials:
  • Authorizes the holder to teach departmentalized classes related to the authorization listed on the credential in grades 9 and below.

Supplementary Authorizations for Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials

Single Subject Credentials:
  • Introductory supplementary authorizes the holder to teach the typical subject matter content for grades 9 and below.
  • Specific supplementary authorizes the holder to teach the specific subject in grades K-12.     

Supplementary Authorizations for Single Subject Teaching Credentials

  • 20 lower-and upper-division units or 10 upper division units 
  • Introductory subjects require at least one course each in specific content areas
  • Specific Supplementary Authorizations require the entire 10- or 20-unit requirement be in the specific subject requested

Subject Matter Authorizations

Subject Matter Authorizations do meet content standards under the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.


  • Degree (or higher) in the subject area requested OR
  • 32 semester units of course work in the subject area requested

Subject Matter Authorizations

Unit Conversion

Applying for Supplementary and Subject Matter Authorizations 

At the time of application for the basic credential: Candidates who have not yet completed their teacher preparation program may request a transcript evaluation to determine eligibility for one or more authorizations. Contact the Credential Analyst to request a transcript evaluation.  Approved authorizations should be noted on the credential application (i.e., Business supplementary or Chemistry subject matter authorization). If eligibility has not been determined prior to submission of a credential application, the Credential Analyst will need to do so prior to recommendation submission. Applicants will be notified if they do not meet eligibility for the authorization requested.

After the basic credential has been issued: Applications are submitted directly to the CTC using the CTC application:

  1. In Section 1, enter all information as requested
  2. In Section 2, "SELECT ONE" field, choose "I Am Applying for an Additional Authorization"
  3. In Section 2, second column, "Supplementary Authorization," enter appropriate name
  4. In Section 3, answer all questions
  5. Complete Oath and Affidavit, print application and sign where indicated
  6. Copy application for your records
  7. Mail application, check for $55, and official transcript(s) verifying completion of required coursework to the CTC at the address provided on the application.


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