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Level II Education Specialist Teaching Credential

The Level I Education Specialist credential is valid for five years. At the end of the five year period candidates should have completed all requirements for the Level II Special Education Program and be eligible for the Level II Education Specialist credential.

The CCTC requirements for the Clear Level II Education Specialist Teaching Credential are:

  • Issuance of Level I credential
  • Completion of an individualized induction plan designed in collaboration with the employer and a California college or university with a Commission-accredited education specialist program in the area listed on the preliminary credential document. (This plan includes academic requirements applicable to all Level II candidates, as well as individualized studies and consultations focusing on specific needs and employment assignment. This plan may contain up to 25% non-university-based activities, if approved by the college or university administering the program.)
  • CCTC-approved Health Education course (contact CLU Credential Analyst for more course information)
  • Adult, Child, Infant CPR
  • CCTC-approved Level I Computer Education course (EDTP 563 Microcomputers in Education offered at Cal Lutheran, fulfills this requirement)  
  • Verification of a minimum of two years of successful experience in a public school (or private school with equivalent status) while holding the Level I Education Specialist Instruction Credential

How to Apply for the Level II Credential

Prior to submission of a credential application, you must have an academic exit with your advisor.  Call 805-493-3421 to schedule this exit.  If you are aware of outstanding charges on your student account, you must make arrangements with the Business Office prior to submission of a credential application.  If you submit an application and a hold has been placed on your account by the Business Office, the application will be returned to you. You may submit an application without final grades posted after May 1st for spring completion, and after December 1st for fall completion.  However, the application will not be processed until eligibility and all grades have been verified.

If your circumstances make it difficult to take one or more of the required credential courses at CLU (fulfilling the health and technology education requirements), you may take them through another university. However, the course must be approved by the CCTC to fulfill the specific requirement. E-mail the Credential Analyst if you are unsure before registering for the course. Once you have taken the course, do NOT request that an official transcript be mailed directly to the Graduate School of Education. Request that it be mailed to you, keep it sealed, and include it when you submit your application for the credential.

Please do not send any documentation separate from the credential application.  This includes photocopies of CPR cards, official transcripts, and verification forms.

Complete the Verification of Experience form.  This form is completed by both the applicant and the employing school district.

Read all instructions and complete Request for Credential Recommendation.



Submit the application, receipt of $40 CLU application fee, original Verification of Experience, a copy of your signed CPR card, front and back (or other verification of this requirement), and official transcripts for any non-CLU course work to the Graduate School of Education Credentials Office.

Click here for detailed information regarding the online credential process.

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