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Financial Aid for Teacher Preparation Candidates

Is there financial aid available for teacher credential candidates?
Yes.  The APLE Grant (Assumption Program of Loans for Education) is administered by the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC).  The APLE is a teacher incentive program designed to encourage outstanding students to become teachers in subject areas where a critical teacher shortage has been identified, or designated schools that meet criteria established by the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The CSAC may assume up to $19,000 in outstanding educational loan balances in return for four consecutive years of teaching service.   For more information, click here.  Applications and information may also be obtained at the Graduate School of Education office.  Although the CSAC establishes timelines for application submission, students are encouraged to submit applications at any time.  Please note however, that you are not eligible to apply for this grant if you do not currently have an awarded student loan, if you have already applied for your credential, or if you already hold a teaching credential (with the exception of special education candidates.)  The APLE coordinator for CLU is Noel Craig, Credential Analyst in the School of Education at 805-493-3425 or

Can I get a copy of my credential application packet by mail?
Yes. Call to request a packet at 805-493-3425, or e-mail your request to The fastest way to receive your packet is to stop by the Graduate School of Education office (Room 103 in the Spies-Bornemann Education and Technology Building) and pick one up. Be sure to specify which program you have completed -- Teacher Preparation (Multiple or Single Subject), Special Education, Pupil Personnel Services or Administrative Services. If you are applying for an internship, request an internship packet. These are not program-specific. If you do not receive a return envelope, be sure to return the packet to:

Leisa Contreras
CLU, Graduate School of Education
60 West Olsen Road #4100
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-2700

Can I download the credential application materials?
At the present time, not all the forms can be downloaded, however there are several forms accessible on various pages of this site which you can download. Plans are underway to make the entire packet available for download soon. Stay tuned!

What do I do if I have lost my credential?
Click here for form CL566. There may be portions that need to be completed by the Credential Analyst, so call the office at 805-493-3425 if you have questions.

What do I do if I never received my credential after applying?
Your credential document is mailed to the School of Education, logged in, photocopied and mailed to you via registered, certified mail. It will be necessary for someone to be home to sign for the envelope, or the carrier will leave a notice requesting that you come to the post office to pick it up. They generally attempt delivery three times before returning it. If the credential is not claimed and is returned by the post office, it is placed in the student’s file. Call the office to see if the document has been returned. We usually request that you make arrangements to come in person at that point and pick it up, as subsequent attempts at delivery have proven unsuccessful as well, and mailing costs can add up.

I need a transcipt to be sent to my school district. Can I request two transcripts on the Transcript Request Form included in my credential application packet?
No. The transcript requested is for Credential Analyst use only. Any other transcripts must be requested directly from the Registrar's Office. Click here to request additional transcripts.

How do I get to the Graduate School of Education at CLU?
From the Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley area, take the 101 North to the Lynn Road exit. Turn right and continue approximately 3 miles to Avenida de los Arboles. Turn right and go to first stop sign (Mountclef Street). Turn left at Mountclef, and make the first left onto Faculty Street. Turn at the first right onto Regent Street. On your left will be a small parking lot with visitors spaces closest to the building. The Graduate School of Education is located in the two-story brick and glass building you will see as you enter the parking lot. As you enter closest to the tennis courts, our office is the first door on your left as you enter the downstairs hallway.

From the Moorpark, Simi Valley area, take the 23 Freeway South and exit at Olsen Road. Turn right and continue past Moorpark Road to Mountclef Street. Turn left at Mountclef, continue to Memorial Parkway, turn right. Turn left at Regent Street (first left). Go almost to the end of the street and just before you get to the end, turn right into the small parking lot. From here, follow directions above.

From the Camarillo, Oxnard, Ventura area, take the 101 Freeway South, exit Lynn Road and turn left. Follow directions above.

What are the Graduate School of Education hours?
9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday-Thursday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Fridays.  Closed from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. Wednesdays for chapel.

Is the office closed in the summer?
No. The office is open all year long with the exception of President's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday, and approximately one week between Christmas and New Year's.

I have questions about coursework. Who do I contact?
For any academic question, always check with your adviser. Schedule an appointment by calling 805-493-3421.

Can I take the required courses for my (Ryan) Professional Clear Teaching Credential at a university other than CLU?
Yes, but be sure to contact the credential analyst to make sure the course you want to take is acceptable. It must state that it meets the CCTC requirements for the Professional Clear credential.

Where can I take the required CPR course?
Go to Adult, Child, Infant CPR.

I am applying for a teaching or service position out-of-state. I need verification of my credential eligibility. Who do I contact?
Most states have a form that must be completed by the Credential Analyst. It is VERY important that you include the following information: the name used when you attended CLU (maiden name, different married name, etc.) and the year(s) you were in the program. Without this information, it is very difficult to research records. Mail the form or request for other verification to:

Leisa Contreras
CLU, Graduate School of Education
60 West Olsen Road #4100
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-2700

Forms or other verification CANNOT be sent to a third party from the Credential Analyst's office. They must be returned to the sender.

My district says I need a "C-19 Letter". How do I obtain one?
Go to Letter of Issuance.

Can I apply for an internship credential before I am officially admitted or if I am granted provisional admission?
No. One of the CCTC requirements for a university internship is admission to a program. You must have received a letter stating that you have been admitted (full status) before you can submit an internship credential packet.

How do I renew my Emergency Permit?
Go to Emergency Permit.

I have a Multiple Subject teaching credential.  How do I know if I am NCLB-compliant?
The CCTC has established two categories - "New to the Profession" and "Not New to the Profession."  If your initial Preliminary (or Professional Clear if you did not apply for a Preliminary) has an issuance date of 7-1-02 or earlier, you are considered "Not New to the Profession" and should see your district concerning NCLB compliance.  If your issuance date is 7-1-02 to the present, you are considered "New to the Profession."  If you met your subject matter requirement through course work (i.e. a Liberal Studies program at a university) you are not NCLB compliant and must take the CSET Multiple Subject examination by 7-1-06 in order to be compliant.  Your credential remains valid, but for employment purposes, you will be out of compliance and you may not be employable.

If you are unsure as to how you met your subject matter requirement, check on the face of your credential document.  Next to the name of the credential "Multiple Subjects" it will have (Examination) if you met the requirement by exam, or nothing will be noted, indicating course work.

What if I have since taken the exam?  How do I get my credential changed?
Obtain a 41-4 application, submit the appropriate fee and attach a copy or copies of your exam score report(s).  Mail it to the address on the application.  You will receive a new document with the examination notation.  You can also coordinate this with the application for your Professional Clear credential, and save yourself the additional fee.

Do you have a question that was not addressed here? E-mail the Credential Analyst at

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