Graduate School of Education

Multiple Subject Subject-Matter Competence

The CSET (California Subject Examination for Teachers) in Multiple Subjects is required for verification subject matter competence. Test schedules, test sites, and registration details are available online at the CSET website. Tests are administered six times per year, every other month beginning in January.

CSET scores are valid for five years. Candidates must complete all credential work and have an application submitted while all scores are still valid. If one or more subtests have expired at the time of credential application submission, they must be retaken. However, if examination scores were registered with the CCTC as part of a prior application for a permit or internship credential, the exam remains valid. To verify this registration, check the permit or internship online at the CTC website. If "Examination" is noted in parentheses next to the authorized field, the scores have been registered.

For more information, see CCTC leaflet "Verifying Subject Matter Competence by Examination Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials."

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