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(2042) Preliminary Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential

A Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential authorizes you to teach in a self-contained classroom such as the classrooms in most elementary schools. However, a teacher authorized for multiple subject instruction may be assigned to teach in any self-contained classroom (preschool, K-12, or in classes organized primarily for adults).

The following are the CCTC requirements for the SB 2042 Preliminary Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential:

The program at Cal Lutheran satisfies standards established by the CCTC for the preparation of teachers to serve English learners. All students successfully completing the program will be authorized to provide service to English learners in California schools.

Qualifying for a Single Subject Authorization

Applying for the Preliminary Credential

Prior to submission of a credential application, you must have an academic exit with your advisor.  Call 805-493-3421 to schedule this exit.  If you are aware of outstanding charges on your student account, you must make arrangements with the Business Office prior to submission of a credential application.  If you submit an application and a hold has been placed on your account by the Business Office, the application will be returned to you. You may submit an application without final grades posted after May 1st for spring completion, and after December 1st for fall completion.  Applications will not be processed until eligibility and all grades have been verified.

Complete the Request for Credential Recommendation.

Pay the $40.00 Application fee here!

Submit the application and receipt of $40 CLU application fee to the Graduate School of Education Credential Office. Be sure to read the instructions thoroughly and keep them for future reference. Click here for more detailed information regarding the credential application process.





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