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Economics, Finance and Accounting

Ali Akbari, Ph.D.
Professor of Business Administration

Somnath Basu, Ph.D.
Professor of Finance

Carol Lynn Coman, M.S.
Associate Professor of Business Administration, School of Management Director of Assessment

Jamshid Damooei, Ph.D.
Professor & Chair, Economics, Finance & Accounting; Co-Director, Center for Leadership & Values; Interim Director, MPPA

Sandra Grunewald, CPA
Assistant Professor

Dan E. Hamilton, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Economics

Forecasting, Time Series Econometrics, Macroeconomic Theory, Business Cycle Analysis, Economic Growth Theory

Bonnie L Johnson, C.P.A., M.B.A.
Senior Lecturer

Edward H. Julius, M.S., CPA
Professor of Business Administration

Kirk M. Lesh, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Harry Starn, M.S., CFA, CFP®
Director of the Financial Planning Program

Bill Watkins, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Executive Director, Center for Economic Research and Forecasting

Paul R. Williams, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Finance

Matthew Fienup
Adjunct Professor

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