Borrowing at Cal Lutheran

Data shows that a degree leads to greater earning potential at both the undergraduate and graduate level. When you borrow to pay for your education, you're making an investment in the future.

The balance of tuition and other payments to the university for your education may be offset by financial assistance or covered through family and student contributions. Loans can help cover the difference.

Federal student loans are low interest, with repayment deferred for the first 6 months after leaving school. In addition to these direct federal loans to students, there are also federal loan options for parents and outside, private loans available for further financing.

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In the undergraduate class of 2014, 74% of students borrowed to help fund their education. They averaged $24,148 in federal student loans for their education, which is just 16% of the total cost of four years’ tuition and fees.

Upwards of 95% of our graduates are enrolled in graduate programs or employed within 9 months of graduation. Their default rate on loans within the first two years of repayment is only 3.8% and less than a national rate of 13.7%.

Borrowing 15% less than the national average in federal student loans

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