Giving to Cal Lutheran

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't I already pay enough money to attend Cal Lutheran?

Your tuition only covers 85% of what it costs to educate you. The remainder comes from the generosity of students, alumni, friends and families.

Does my participation really matter?

Your participation does matter. Cal Lutheran's outstanding reputation will be expanded, which will increase the value of your degree. In fact, US News and World Report considers the percentage of student and alumni support when calculating the rankings. A higher national ranking attracts more corporate/foundation gifts which enhances programming. Higher rankings and better programming improves Cal Lutheran's reputation, which increases the value of your degree!

Where does the money go?

The Annual Fund supports academic and co-curricular programming, scholarships, study abroad programs, classroom and lab supplies, salaries for our outstanding faculty, emergencies and funding for everyday things the university needs to function.

Why is Cal Lutheran asking me for money before I graduate?

Giving isn't so much a matter of the dollar amount, but rather showing the spirited support of your university. We hope that you are proud of the education you are receiving and want to help other future students have the same experiences.

I don't have any money or I can only afford to give a small amount. Will my gift even make a difference?

We know that as students you aren't millionaires, but maybe instead of a latte at Starbucks, give $3 to help a fellow Cal Lutheran student afford an education! Participation is the most important part about giving, and anything you can do to contribute brings us one step closer to our goal!

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