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What Students are Saying...

"With money being tight in general, I know how important it is to have a fund that past, current, and future students can rely on. I encourage all students to donate even if it is just $1, because even a little donation can go a long way." — Mi "Eve" Ngo '16


"I want to be as generous as the alumni have been to me." — Abigail Yarrow '15




"I give because an alum wanted me to have the opportunity and the funds to come to Cal Lutheran. I give because I have been given to." — Jade Ortiz '15



"How do you value gratitude? Every student at CLU has much for which to be grateful, but most of us probably can't afford to give back thousands of dollars to the school. However, each of us could probably afford to skip a meal, or wait to buy those $70 jeans, and, instead, give to the annual fund. Who knows? Your gift to the fund might give a student the chance to avoid taking out a loan just to pay for textbooks. Plus, giving back is a great way to show gratitude for what CLU has given to you. So, this time, skipped lunch is on me! Next time, are you game?" — Russell Fletcher '14

"I received a lot of money in grants and I want to give back." — Shawn Gillis '14




"A quality education, like one offered at CLU, is expensive and without financial help I wouldn't have been able to attend this amazing university. I'm just trying to do my part, give back a little, and help someone else enjoy what CLU has to offer." — Gaby Torres '14




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