Giving to Cal Lutheran

Honor Roll of Scholarships

Acknowledgment of the many thoughtful and generous acts of friends — past, present, and future — is hereby given through the following Honor Roll of Scholarships at California Lutheran University.

Richard G. Adams Performing Arts Scholarship
Between 1965 and 1985, Dr. Adams was the creative genius that built CLU's Drama Department and much of the Conejo Valley's cultural underpinnings. Gifts from family, former students and colleagues established this scholarship following his death in 2006.
Ahmanson Foundation Scholarship
These scholarships are funded through an annual grant from The Ahmanson Foundation for students of any academic major who are in need of financial assistance.
Alumni Scholarship
This fund was established and endowed through the CLU Alumni Association for freshman students whose parents attended CLU.
O. Fritiof Ander History Award
This history scholarship was funded through an insurance policy by Swedish historian O. Fritiof Ander in memory of his wife, Ruth.
Arthur M. Anderson Family Scholarship
Established by a "gentleman farmer" of Sacramento for the benefit of Lutheran students, especially those from agricultural or rural backgrounds.
Dorothy Isabel Anderson Endowed Scholarship
In 1999 the Anderson Foundation of Seattle, created this scholarship for deserving students in honor of Dorothy Isabel Anderson, a devout Christian woman and advocate of higher education.
S. Harvey and Clara Anderson Scholarship
This endowed fund was created through a trust agreement in 1968 for students of good academic and moral standing, with preference to preseminary students.
Amy Lee Arney Memorial Scholarship
Established by Clarence Arney in 1966 in memory of his wife Amy, a member of CLU's music faculty, for students of demonstrated ability in piano.
ASCLUG Leadership Scholarship
In May of 2009 as a model for future classes, the Executive Cabinet of the ASCLU made a sizable gift of $10,000 toward the endowment of this scholarship to promote on-campus leadership among traditional undergraduate students.
Frances and Gordon Aspengren Scholarship
Love of Christian higher education, Lutheran traditions, and CLU students motivated Frances and Gordon (one of CLU's founders) to establish this endowed Scholarship.
Wallace Asper Memorial Scholarship
This award was endowed by family and friends of Dr. "Wally" Asper, for 21 years a member of CLU's religion faculty, for students preparing for a church vocation.
Augustana Fellowship
This graduate fellowship was established in 1963 by the Board of Christian Higher Education of the former Augustana Lutheran Church for persons preparing for a career in college teaching.
Cynthia Bachofer Memorial Scholarship
This geology scholarship was established as a loving tribute to Cynthia Bachofer '75 by family and friends for her valiant battle against leukemia.
Harold E. "Hal" Bachtold Memorial Scholarship
Louise's gift of Allstate stock, part of Hal's "stock in trade" as a vice president of Dean Witter, created this scholarship to honor her husband's profession and his service as CLU regent from 1965-1968.
Borgny and Woodrow Baird Scholarship
Borgny Baird, CLU regent for 15 years, and Woodrow Baird, husband and law partner, created this endowed scholarship for worthy students needing financial assistance.
Roger F. and Brenda L. Baker Scholarship
After 20 years of faithful giving to CLU, Roger and Brenda, both from the class of '81, set their sights on an endowed scholarship in their name. They want the recipients to be upper-division business majors.
Leo J. Baranski Memorial Scholarship
This award for psychology majors is funded by colleagues and former students of Dr. Baranski of the CLU psychology faculty.
Paul L. and Virginia Baumgartner Memorial Scholarship
Memorial gifts for Pastor Baumgartner in 1969 created this scholarship for students preparing to go into family counseling or social work. Virginia's name was added following her death in July 2009.
John and Janet Beck Science Scholarship
Following 20 years (1975-1995) as a CLU regent and leader dedicated to Lutheran higher education, Dr. Beck and wife Janet created this science scholarship hoping that it might one day be awarded in engineering physics.
Christian John Belgum History Scholarship
This scholarship was created by the Gerhard Belgum family to honor son and brother Christian, who died in 1980 while on duty aboard the U.S.S. Midway.
A. Weir Bell Medical Fellowship
This fellowship was initiated in 1961 by Dr. Bell, biology professor 1961-1963, to assist a CLU graduate in the first year of medical school.
Bender-Wolfe Organ Scholarship
Donna Wolfe, CLU regent and parent of alumnus Randel '82, joined forces with her mother, Ardean Bender, to endow this scholarship for students studying organ and sacred music.
Bergfield Science Scholarship
In 2005, after a relatively brief relationship with CLU, Eddie Bergfield, a former electronics engineer, spent the last two years of his life developing this scholarship to help students discover their strengths and chart their vocations in the sciences.
Ethel Ruth Beyer Scholarship
This scholarship was endowed by Miss Beyer, first employee of the institution and first-ever recipient of a CLU honorary baccalaureate degree, for upper-division music majors with keyboard interests.
Bickford-Bennett Music Scholarship
To celebrate her Scandinavian and Lutheran heritage, Margaret Bennett established this music scholarship in memory of her two deceased husbands.
Biomedical Scholarship
The combined funds of two scholarships created an endowment and preserved the award for students planning to do graduate work in the biological or medical field.
Jeffrey Birk Scholarship
Jeff Birk '87 lost his battle with aplastic anemia in 1991. His family and a host of friends endowed this scholarship in tribute to his love of learning, writing and teaching.
Virgil Bjerke Family Scholarship
Established by the Bjerkes, after many years of personal involvement in the life of CLU, this scholarship is intended for students majoring in religion or education.
Jonathan E. Boe Memorial Scholarship
Memorial gifts from colleagues, friends, and wife Jeanne endowed this history scholarship in loving tribute to Dr. Jon Boe, Professor and Dean of Arts and Sciences, in 1999.
Aina J. Bornemann Music Scholarship
The three children of Aina Bornemann, all CLU alumni, honored her 80th birthday and her love of music by establishing this scholarship for vocal music majors with high academic records.
Bortel Family Scholarship
Paula Bortel '73 (MBA '77) and her family made this scholarship available to residents of Conejo Valley as a way of giving back in kind.
Betty Shirey Bowen Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship for music majors was established in honor of Professor Bowen, a founding faculty member, concert mistress and teacher/director 1961-1984.
Carroll M. Bowen Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Carroll Bowen, husband of former Professor Betty Bowen and father of two alumni sons, Marshall '75 and Fred '79, devoted his life to public service and education. His family honored his dedication by establishing this scholarship in 2005.
Earl W. and Louise S. Bowman Memorial Scholarship
Charles Bowman, a retired Air Force officer, established this scholarship to perpetuate the professions of his mother and father — teacher and engineer.
Janice M. Bowman Memorial Scholarship
Memorial gifts following the death in 2009 of Dr. Jan Bowman, beloved 20-year English professor and mentor to many, launched this scholarship earlier than planned by Jan herself for upper-division students majoring in English or women's studies.
Boynton Family Scholarship
This fund was created and endowed by the Boyntons to perpetuate a family commitment to education and Third World concerns.
Tina Overton Brende Memorial Scholarship
Tina's courageous battle with cancer cut short her career as a devoted teacher, but this scholarship, created by her parents and countless memorial gifts, will perpetuate her passion for teaching and her love of children.
Broadway Family Scholarship
Initiated by the donor through a single premium whole-life insurance policy, this scholarship will become endowed upon the death of the insured.
Bucholz-Derr World Language Scholarship
A 30-year relationship with CLU led George and Mary Bucholz to endow CLU's first scholarship for language majors in 1992. Daughter Georgia '73 added her name and expanded the criteria following Mary's death in 2009.
Wilfred M. Buth Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established in honor of Dr. Buth's interim ministry by the former Lutheran Church of the Redeemer of Sherman Oaks, Calif., for students preparing for ordained ministry.
California Building Industry Foundation Scholarship
Through the generous planning of Paul Petersen of San Mateo, Calif., CLU is able to award an annual scholarship to a student planning to enter some aspect of the building industry.
Care of the Earth Endowment in Honor of Rudolph W. Edmund
Geology alumni Brad Wilson '81 and Dean Soiland '81 created this endowment as a tribute to Dr. Rudy Edmund, for whom "Sustaining the Gifts of Creation" was a lifelong vocation.
David J. Carlson Memorial Scholarship
Love for CLU, the Lutheran Church, and sports are combined in this sports medicine scholarship, endowed by Hilarie Carlson in memory of her husband David '68.
Ernest and Esther Carlson Scholarship
This scholarship pays tribute to the parents of Doris Samuelson and Barbara Johnson for their lifelong service to Angelica Lutheran Church in Los Angeles.
Victor and Mary Carlson Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship, one of CLU's earliest, was originated in 1961 by the Carlson children and grandchildren for upper-division history majors of Scandinavian heritage.
Wilbert and Darlene Carlson Scholarship
Will and Darlene planned to include this scholarship in their estate plan; however, the death of their daughter Dee '78 caused it to be initiated in 2009. It will serve students who are preparing to teach.
George Carter Memorial Scholarship
Fifty-seven alums endowed this scholarship to memorialize "Coach" Carter's impact on their athletic, academic and personal lives.
Collins Family Endowed Scholarship
This award, created by an anonymous donor as a tribute to academic achievement, goes to the top graduating biology or chemistry major.
Deborah Chacon Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 1987 by loving family and friends as a memorial to a promising young student eager to begin her sophomore year on campus.
Colleen Rose Chow Memorial Scholarship
This memorial to a 1972 graduate, a 1974 hit-and-run victim, assists business administration majors. Gifts in 2009 in memory of her father, Clement Joe, added substantially to the scholarship's endowment.
Clago Family Endowed Scholarship
In gratitude for "a fine-tuned education that gave the foundation for success," Allison Clago endowed this scholarship for students seeking a career in securities or investments.
Class of '89 Scholarship
The Class of '89 created a scholarship for a CLU senior as their parting gift to CLU. The scholarship reached endowment in 1991 and continues to be awarded annually.
CLU Community Leaders Association Scholarship
This active support group provides annual scholarships for three incoming local freshmen who have demonstrated community involvement and leadership potential.
CLU Community Leaders Association Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Mark and Jean Mathews
In the spring of 1997, this dedicated support group combined the moneys and names of their two endowed scholarships into one and designated returning students as recipients. Commitment to service is the key criterion.
CLU Guild Scholarship
In 1989, the CLU Guild endowed and expanded its scholarship program to allow students who are active in their congregations as well as children of Guild members to apply through the Office of Church Relations.
CLU Women's League Endowed Scholarship
Starting in 1965, this support group awarded annual scholarships to junior women with strong academic standing. Endowment was reached through proceeds from their Scandinavian Day booth and a highly successful "No-Bake Bake Sale" in 1995.
Kim Coddington Memorial Scholarship
Because of Kim's ('77) humanitarian interests, the Coddingtons designed this scholarship for students pursuing careers in physical therapy or sports medicine.
Joseph and Camilla Cram Scholarship
Established by Camilla Cram before her death for the benefit of members of Ascension Lutheran Church attending CLU. Creative Options Scholarship for Reentry Women Proceeds from the former "Creative Options...A Day for Women" have endowed this scholarship for women returning to the classroom.
Orville Dahl Memorial Scholarship
In loving tribute to the founding president of CLU, those who served on the Board of Regents between 1957 and 1996 established this endowed Orville Dahl Memorial Scholarship for students majoring in history, the discipline dear to the heart of Dr. Dahl.
Dorothy Daniels Scholarship
Through this endowed award, the Simi Valley Chapter of American Pen Women fulfills its mission of women helping women to achieve their goals in the various creative arts fields.
Walter Danielson Scholarship
Having served as legal adviser, regent, and donor to CLU since its inception, this very Swedish corporate lawyer endowed his scholarship in 1996 for students planning to pursue meaningful careers, with a preference for law.
Laird Davis Memorial Scholarship
Alums, friends, and family spontaneously created this tribute in 1998, upon Laird's death at age 34, to memorialize his zest for life and his special qualities as a human being.
Ned Dean Family Scholarship
Always a faithful servant, Ned served the church, his family, and CLU through his service as a regent and through his stewardship. His wife Kathy fulfilled Ned's wishes following his death in 2000 by endowing this scholarship in the family's name for students considering ministry as their vocation.
Joseph and Jacquelyn DeBuiser Memorial Scholarship
This physics/math scholarship was established and endowed in 1990 as a memorial to engineer Joe DeBuiser by his friends, children, and wife Jacquie, a 22-year employee of CLU.
Shirley Denogean Memorial Scholarship
Loving memorial gifts from friends and family and the sustaining gifts of her husband Ray created this scholarship for business majors in tribute to Shirley's life.
Al Desrosiers Memorial Scholarship
This art scholarship was endowed by the family and friends of "Al the Painter" Desrosiers, beloved CLU employee for 21 years and member of the 1978 graduating class.
Darrin Deveau Memorial Scholarship
Immediately after the death of Darrin Deveau '96 in November 1996, gifts from friends and family established this memorial scholarship for members of Ascension Lutheran Church attending CLU.
Eldred C. Dodson Endowed Scholarship
Mrs. Dodson, of pure Norwegian stock, devoted her professional life to social work and placed this scholarship in her trust for others with similar intentions.
Eaton Scholarship for the Severely Physically Handicapped
"Give it forward" was Bette Eaton's motivation in creating this endowed scholarship for those who, like herself, desired to achieve a quality college education despite being severely handicapped.
Pastor J. Kenneth Edwins Endowed Scholarship
In acknowledgment of Pastor Edwins' powerful influence in her life, Lois Carritte of Riverside endowed this scholarship to encourage Lutheran students to serve the church through their chosen profession.
The Rev. H. O. and Thilda Wennes Egertson Scholarship
This scholarship for upper-division liberal studies majors was established by Mrs. Egertson at age 96 to honor her late husband's service in the ministry of the Lutheran Church and her own love of teaching and learning.
Oscar and Ellen Ellberg Scholarship
This scholarship was established in the will of Oscar Ellberg of Kingsburg, Calif., for students preparing for ministry or social work.
Leroy Elwing Art Award and Leroy Elwing Music Scholarship
Love for his Swedish heritage and a boom in the Santa Clara real estate market enabled Leroy, longtime supporter of CLU's annual fund, to create two endowed scholarships — one in music and one in art.
Robert Embry Memorial Scholarship
Memorial gifts from faculty members and friends and generous gifts from wife Donna funded this scholarship for business majors who are willing to serve as tutors and peer mentors to their fellow students.
Emory Family Science Scholarship
This scholarship for chemistry or biology majors was established by the Emorys in gratitude for the fine education received by sons Steve '93 and James '95.
Conrad and Hattie Engelstad Scholarship
The Engelstads established this scholarship in 1959, the year CLU was chartered, to help a high-achieving Lutheran student in preparation for the ministry.
Ernst & Young Accounting Scholarship
Gifts from alumni and matching gifts from Ernst & Young have created and endowed this scholarship for outstanding accounting majors.
Ernst & Young Scholarship in Honor of Walter F. and Sharon A. Beran
Partners of Walter Beran, accountant par excellence, chose to establish this scholarship endowment at CLU in honor of the Berans upon his retirement.
Esmay Family Study Abroad Scholarship
Traveling abroad and teaching with Semester at Sea convinced economics professor Jim Esmay and wife Anna to combine their previous two scholarships into one endowment and assign it to students enrolled in CLU's Study Abroad program.
Ingeborg Estergren Scholarship
This award was established through the Estergren will as a travel/study scholarship to Sweden for a female education major of Swedish descent.
Louise and Paul Evenson Scholarship
Partners in their faith, in service to the Church and to Lutheran higher education, Louise and Paul created this endowed scholarship in 2007 as evidence of their "commitment to education and its value in our world."
Faculty/Staff Endowed Scholarship
In the "Now Is the Time" capital campaign, several faculty and staff members chose to apply their gifts to this scholarship in direct support of present and future students.
Dr. Gaylerd and Joan Falde Memorial Scholarship
A book on the life of Bishop Falde, written by Ansle Severtson and funded through an AAL grant, established and endowed the Falde Scholarship in 1994. Joan's name was added following her death in December of 2002.
Falk Family Endowed Scholarship
With a significant pledge and a long-range plan, this former V.P. and Treasurer of Farmers Insurance honored his family's academic history with CLU (Howard, MBA '92, Jerry '93, Vanessa '07) through this endowed scholarship for reentry and transfer students.
Donna Fargo Memorial Scholarship
The bequest of an insurance policy endowed this fund for projects which perpetuate the study and preservation of the history of the Conejo Valley.
Walter F. Florin Memorial Scholarship
Walter's generous bequest to CLU provided the funds to endow this scholarship, but it was his daughter Naomi '76 who chose environmental studies as its focus to honor her father's love of the earth.
Orvil and Gloria Franzen Endowed Music Scholarship
Orvil and Gloria — from very different backgrounds but sharing their faith and a love of music — included this endowed scholarship in their estate for students engaged in the study of classical music.
Fredrickson-Overton Scholarship
In creating this scholarship for upper-division students involved in leadership and service, Paul and Naomi Overton honored three generations of Fredricksons and Overtons and their service to CLU.
Freedom To Learn Scholarship in Memory of Solly Fine
Endowed as a tribute to a man of South Africa whose life and generosity inspired others, this scholarship is to encourage students to pursue actively their educational goals.
Orman and Olive Freeman Scholarship
This scholarship for religion majors was created by the adult children of the Freemans who considered their parents to be exemplary models of faith and love.
Future Teachers Scholarship
Memorial gifts following the death in 2009 of Dr. Jim Mahler, chair of CLU's Teacher Preparation Program for 25 years, provided the incentive for this scholarship for students who aspire to become teachers.
Frederick T. Galvin Memorial Scholarship
Since Fred served many years with the CIA and State Department, his family and friends designed this scholarship for students preparing for careers in government or foreign service.
William H. and Irene M. Gardiner Scholarship
Mrs. Ben Mathews created this business scholarship as a tribute to Bill and Irene, her younger sister, out of love and respect for their lifelong commitment to each other, to the church, and to an outstanding business career.
The Rev. Quentin Garman Memorial Scholarship
By creating this scholarship for sports medicine, family and friends of Quent Garman added the term "consummate sports fan" to the existing list of descriptors — pastor, convocator, regent, and recipient of the Doctor of Divinity degree and the Christus Award.
Geology Alumni Endowment in Memory of James M. Evensen
This fund, established immediately after Jim's death in 1988, will perpetuate the Evensen tradition of high academic standards and personal support of students.
Gillette Family Scholarship
In tribute to his mother, a lifelong Lutheran, Dennis Gillette and his wife Terry established this scholarship for political science majors.
Grout Family Psychology Scholarship
A keen interest in CLU and its psychology program led members of the Floyd L. Grout Sr. and Jr. family to endow this scholarship as their legacy to CLU.
Gruczelak Music Scholarship
This award was created and endowed by the Gruczelaks to encourage music majors to develop capabilities as string players, especially the harp.
Gulsrud Family Scholarship
The involvement of Ernie and Muriel Gulsrud and their family from CLU's earliest days culminated in this endowed scholarship for students with Christian leadership potential.
Helen Goldie Haas Scholarship
Mrs. Haas, out of a simple desire to make it easier for deserving students to attend a private institution, arranged for this generous endowment through her will.
Charles and Diana Hagen Family Scholarship
"A match made in heaven" could describe Chuck, a successful microbiologist, and Diana, a spirited partner and homemaker. It was her Scandinavian heritage that led her to create this scholarship for students interested in biological sciences even before including it in her estate plan.
Harte-Hanks Marketing Scholarship
This unusual scholarship was created by a marketing firm to challenge junior students to gain hands-on experience toward careers in marketing.
William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship
Major grants in 1996 and in 2003 from the William Randolph Hearst Foundation established this scholarship endowment for the benefit of students who qualify for financial assistance by CLU academic standards and as U.S. citizens.
Raymond Michael Hebel Performing Arts Scholarship
CLU's Alumni Association endowed this scholarship for music and drama majors to honor Ray Hebel for talents offered through his benefit "Elvis" concerts.
Helen E. Heimarck Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship for students preparing for social work was initiated by Reuben Heimarck in 1998 in loving tribute to his wife Helen.
Hekhuis Communication Arts Award
Mary Hekhuis, 20-year public information officer at CLU, designed this award for "the outstanding junior in the Communication Arts Department who plans a career in communications."
Philomena Hill Endowed Scholarship
Through a gift of property at the age of 88, Philomena established this scholarship for hardworking, sincere students to reflect her own life as a faithful church member and caregiver.
Thomas and Sarah Hilleson Art Award
This endowed award was established in 1967 by several members of the family in honor of the Hillesons, parents of Helen Olson, for the purpose of encouraging the study of art.
Hoff Family Scholarship
This fund was created by Stephanie Hoff Brice '74 to celebrate the many involvements of the entire Hoff family in the life of CLU.
Gaylord and Marian Hougen Endowed Scholarship
Thoughtful planning by the Hougens put this discretionary scholarship into place through a charitable remainder unitrust with CLEF several years before their deaths.
Howie Family Endowed Scholarship
Loyalty to alma mater, strong family ties, and Christian stewardship all came together for Shawn '78, Susan '81, and all four alumni children ('04 through '11) and culminated in the creation of this award in 2005 "as an expression of their gratitude to God for abundant blessings."
Timothy Alan Hughes Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was endowed through a bequest and memorial gifts from family and friends of Tim Hughes '76 to encourage students showing promise at the keyboard.
Hummel Scholarship
This scholarship was established and endowed by Henry Hummel of Carpinteria to promote musical and academic excellence among undergraduate and graduate students.
Thomas W. Huston Memorial Scholarship
This fund was established by Tom's parents and grandparents following his death in 1982, during his freshman year at CLU, for the benefit of students committed to human service.
IFA/Palmer Waslien Scholarship
This award, based on a private enterprise essay competition, was endowed by the International Franchise Association in honor of past president Palmer Waslien whose three sons attended CLU.
ILC Memorial Scholarship
The driving force behind this scholarship was an anonymous alumnus who wanted to help students who would not be able to attend CLU without financial assistance.
Marian and Marvin Jaynes Scholarship
Regent Marvin and Marian Jaynes left their long-term mark on CLU through this endowed scholarship for undergraduate Lutheran students with financial need.
Arthur and Dolores Johnson Scholarship
In 2006, Dolores put into place this scholarship that she and Arthur planned before his passing in 2001. As faithful church members and hard-working members of society, their simple desire was "to help worthy students achieve their dreams."
Delbert L. Johnson Endowed Scholarship
In memory of her husband Del, a devoted servant of the church and CLU regent (1988-92), Ann Johnson generously endowed this scholarship for deserving students.
Karl and Bette Johnson Scholarship
In 1993, Convocator Karl Johnson and his wife Bette created this scholarship to encourage Lutheran students from the Grand Canyon Synod to attend CLU.
Ralph and Geraldine Jung Scholarship
Having devoted their professional lives to the medical profession, the Jungs committed their endowment gift to helping students with proven academic performance who are preparing for careers in the biological sciences.
Arthur B. Kaiser Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established by Larry Grimes '86 for religion majors, in gratitude for his grandfather's love and financial help during his years at CLU.
Oscar C. and Robert C. Kaitschuk Scholarship
A product himself of Lutheran higher education and pastor's family, Bob Kaitschuk placed in his will this scholarship for preseminary and political science majors.
Jim Kasten Memorial Scholarship
This vocal/choral scholarship was created by "The Californians" in memory of their much-loved fellow singer, Jim Kasten '74, who died of cancer in 1981.
Ee-Chuan Khoo, M.D., J.D., Memorial Scholarship
Memorial gifts from Dr. Khoo's many friends and his wife Mary endowed this scholarship for upper-division biology majors who plan to pursue further study in the biological sciences.
Kiekenapp-Bolstad Endowed Scholarship
Through their living trust, Waldemar and Anna Kiekenapp paid tribute to the strong, loving Christian guidance of their parents by establishing this endowed scholarship for deserving undergraduate or fifth-year students.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Scholarship
The Black Student Union, with the help of other supporters, created this award to honor Dr. King and to encourage black students in their academic endeavors.
Kingsmen Quartet Scholarship
The "original four" plus several more assured the Kingsmen Quartet tradition by endowing this scholarship exclusively for members of future quartets.
Paul and Edith Knief Memorial Scholarship
This humanities scholarship was created in 1989 by Edith Knief of Santa Barbara in loving memory of her husband Paul — reporter, legal and medical expert, and one of CLU's original Fellows. Her name was added by her daughters in 2003.
Knight Family Scholarship
This scholarship for business majors with demonstrated leadership skills capped the Knight family's involvement with CLU, which included sending two sons as students and gaining one daughter-in-law.
Kocher Family Endowed Scholarship
Thirty years as a CLU employee (1974-2004), most of them in financial aid, allowed Betsy Kocher to touch the lives of many students, so it was no wonder that her family chose to create this scholarship for undergraduate students with financial need.
Leo Laine Memorial Scholarship
Created in 1974, this memorial scholarship for education majors blossomed into endowment in 1986 through a generous gift of stock from Leo's widow, Marjorie.
Ledbetter Prize for Excellence in Writing.
Dr. Jack Ledbetter — professor, writer, poet, mentor, originator of the Morning Glory — endowed this annual award for students whose writing in any literary genre is judged "best" by members of the English Department.
Ledebur Scholarship
Two alums, Mark '85 and Karen (Davis '86) Ledebur, decided quite early to design and name their own scholarship—for computer science or mathematics majors.
Lee-Myers Environmental Science Scholarship
Dr. Marilyn Myers, daughter of faithful donors Eugene Myers and (by marriage) Betsy Lee-Myers, was the inspiration for this scholarship because of her lifelong dedication to environmental science.
Lemke Family Scholarship
Years of involvement in the life of CLU led naturally to the creation of this endowed Lemke scholarship, further enhanced by the ARCO/BP matching gift program.
Lepp Music Scholarship
After supporting a variety of projects, Emil and Lilli Lepp desired that subsequent gifts should help students more directly through this endowed music Scholarship
Elda Ione Leslie Scholarship
Lois Leslie '81 chose to create this memorial scholarship for Lutheran students preparing for service ministries as a way of honoring her mother, who devoted her life to family, church, and the profession of social service.
June Snyder Lindsay Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was the 90th birthday tribute to June from daughters Carol and Susan to honor their mother's lifelong commitment to the education and emotional well-being of children.
Linda Lindsay Memorial Scholarship
Established and endowed by the Rev. and Mrs. H. C. Lindsay in memory of their daughter, this scholarship encourages education majors preparing for the field of special education.
Lundring Family Scholarship
The Lundrings took the group approach by creating a family scholarship for students of any major whose musical interests lead to participation in the choral program.
Lundring Youth Leadership Endowment
In 1998, with Axel leading the way, the Lundring family established its second endowed fund, this one focusing upon development of future leaders for the Church by encouraging students to consider careers that will include Christian service.
Lutheran Brotherhood Endowed Scholarship
This endowment, created through a successful challenge grant from Lutheran Brotherhood in 1986, provides scholarships for "Lutheran students in good academic standing."
Lutheran Church of the Redeemer Memorial Scholarship
The former Sherman Oaks congregation shared its resources with CLU to establish this endowed scholarship in commemoration of its longtime relationship with CLU.
Owen and Betty Lutz-Julsrud Scholarship
Dr. Owen Lutz-Julsrud, a retired Fontana dentist who was also a very proud Norwegian with a strong Lutheran faith, created this scholarship to help students with good academic goals and strong Christian faith to reach their academic goals.
Marquardt Memorial Scholarship
Olga Marquardt, CLU's first house mother, established this memorial to her husband Herman for the benefit of students entering missionary service or ministry.
Ben B. Mathews Prelaw Scholarship
Endowed by Hermine Mathews as a tribute to the values held by her late husband, this scholarship aids students preparing to practice civil law exclusively.
Maxine G. Mathews History Scholarship
In 1975, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Mathews established this scholarship for outstanding history majors as a memorial to Ben's sister, former history professor at Pepperdine University.
Fred and Laura Maucher Memorial Scholarship
Carefully designed in 1981 to receive the balance of the Maucher estate, as it did in 1987, this scholarship assists both preseminary and premedical students.
Ruth and Thomas Maxwell Scholarship for International Students
Retiring after 21 years as professor of anthropology, Dr. Tom and Ruth Maxwell endowed this scholarship to provide the opportunity of higher education for students from Latin America and other Third World countries.
Dan T. May Memorial Fellowship
In memory of a close friend's son, Sarah Heath '70 initiated this graduate fellowship for students preparing to be substance abuse counselors.
Tom and Sara McCart Endowed Scholarship
Sara McCart, by placing this scholarship in her will, ensured financial assistance for students lacking the necessary resources to attend CLU.
Sheila Melton ('96) Memorial Scholarship
With the help of her employer, Sheila's mother established this psychology scholarship in 1998 for students who, like Sheila, love life and learning.
John F. Merrell Music Scholarship
This scholarship, funded through the John F. Merrell Charitable Foundation, honors a man who succeeded in business despite many obstacles. Mr. Merrell's family, which has ties to CLU, chose to perpetuate his love and appreciation for music through this Scholarship
Denise Miley Memorial Scholarship
With the help of friends and Lutheran Brotherhood's Impact program, the Mileys endowed this scholarship for Lutheran students as a memorial to their daughter, who died at age 13.
Jerry and Margaret Miller Scholarship
This scholarship, endowed through the creative stewardship of former CLU president Jerry and Margaret Miller, is awarded at the discretion of the University to benefit the most students possible.
Jodi Moore Memorial Scholarship
Following the death of Jodi Moore '85 in 1990, classmates and parents established this scholarship as a permanent tribute to her life and its Christ-centered values.
Samuel and Julia Moore Scholarship
Initially created as a memorial to her husband, Julia added her name when she designated her gift annuity as a scholarship "to benefit students of California Lutheran University."
Muller Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Given through the estate of Mildred Muller as a memorial to her parents, Detlaf and Lucie, this scholarship assists students pursuing careers in education or guidance counseling.
Marie and John Muller Memorial Scholarship
This memorial to the parents of Hermine Mathews provides assistance to those preparing for preaching or teaching ministries.
Sally Jo Mullins Memorial Scholarship
Following the tragic auto accident of July 18, 1984, campus friends of Sally Jo gave generously to this communications scholarship, later endowed by her mother.
Myking Family Scholarship
Years of involvement with CLU, particularly through the Inland Guild Chapter, motivated the Mykings to establish this scholarship to train special education teachers.
Armour H. Nelson Literature Scholarship
In honor of Armour's 26 years on the faculty as English professor and library archivist, the CLU community created this scholarship for English majors.
Dr. Curtis B. Nelson Memorial Scholarship
"Curt" Nelson came to CLC in 1965 to become chair of the Biological Sciences Department and left to become director of Scientific Research at American Heart Association. At his death in 1987, his mother established this biology scholarship in his memory.
Ida Marie Nelson Endowed Scholarship
In loving tribute to "Auntie Marie," nurse and surrogate mother to four children, Harold Nelson created this scholarship for students going into the medical science profession.
Arthur and Ruth Neve Scholarship
The gift of a Palm Springs mobile home originated this scholarship bearing the Neve name to assist Lutheran students, particularly pastors' children.
Ernest and Edna Newhouse Scholarship
A solid education, a long and happy marriage, a shared faith, and a successful entrepreneurial career provided the Newhouses the means to establish scholarships at four colleges, including CLU, for students needing financial assistance.
Niebolt Multimedia Scholarship
Roger ('89) and Debbie (Andersen '91) Niebolt, desiring to do their part to ensure a strong future for CLU, created this scholarship for upper-division students majoring in multimedia.
John and Lydia Nordberg Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established by friends and family as a tribute to the former chief development officer and his wife for the encouragement of political science majors.
Clyde and Martha Norvelle Scholarship
This scholarship for Lutheran students from Arizona was established by Bonnie and Don Stevens, daughter and son-in-law of the Norvelles, to honor their belief in the importance of higher education and Christian values.
Fred H. and Esther E. Nusz Graduate Fellowship
After funding the award annually for several years, Esther's 2001 bequest endowed this fellowship for a promising incoming graduate student needing financial help to follow his or her dream.
Nygreen-Johnson Scholarship
Two sisters, Maria Nygreen and Anne Johnson, left this endowed scholarship as part of their legacy to CLU for students of good academic standing who need financial assistance.
Mona D. Ockerman Scholarship
Alone and with no specific charitable interests, Mrs. Ockerman responded to the story of CLU by establishing this generous endowment in her will.
Lewis and Emma Oleson Scholarship
In 1958 Emma Oleson, in the true pioneer spirit of her family and in memory of her husband, brought into existence the very first scholarship fund at CLU.
Raymond M. Olson Family Scholarship
The endowment of this scholarship for English majors was the combined project of former CLU president Raymond M. Olson, his first lady Helen, and their family.
Stanley E. Olson Endowed Minority Scholarship
Originating in a gift from St. Andrew's Church of Van Nuys, this fund was later endowed by friends in honor of the former bishop of LCA's Pacific Southwest Synod.
Inga and Gerald Parkel Memorial Scholarship
This 1964 memorial from family and friends for Mrs. Parkel was revised in 1967 to include her son Gerald, killed in combat in Vietnam.
Alma and Cliff Pearson Endowed Scholarship
After providing major gifts for the Pearson Library, Alma and Cliff decided on this permanent means of supporting students and their pursuit of learning.
Ruth and Richard Pederson Memorial Scholarship
This memorial scholarship was established in 1987 by Ruth's sister, Anna Johannessen, to pay tribute to the donors of Pederson Ranch where CLU now sits.
Ann Peppers Foundation Scholarship
Noted for its support of private higher education, the Ann Peppers Foundation in Pasadena has endowed this fund for deserving students pursuing a baccalaureate degree at CLU.
Edna and Carl Peters Memorial Scholarship
In loving memory of his parents, John Peters and his wife Sharon established this four-year scholarship for ethnic minority students.
Ethel Smith Peterson and Roy Sigfred Peterson Scholarship
The Petersons, both descendants of Swedish immigrants and faithful Lutheran servants, included this scholarship in their trust for CLU students majoring in biology or business.
Signora O. Peterson Award
This 1963 memorial to the mother of Virginia Gangsei annually rewards a senior of high academic achievement on the way to an ELCA seminary.
Wayne Pfundstein Memorial Scholarship
After a lifetime of professional and personal service to the Lutheran church, Wayne capped his stewardship by leaving this endowed scholarship "for deserving students" at CLU.
Power Family Impact Scholarship
With initiative from regent Jamie Power, this unique scholarship program began in 2007 and was designed to attract high-achieving freshmen and transfer students of diverse backgrounds.
Homer and Evelyn Price Scholarship
After years of involvement in various aspects of education, the Prices chose to endow a scholarship for future teachers, preferably of high school mathematics.
John and Marjorie Price Memorial Scholarship
In July of 1998, at Marjorie's death, the Price family asked that her name be joined with John's on this memorial English/journalism Scholarship
Kathryn Adair Price '93 Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship for English majors resulted from the many memorial gifts from family, friends, and faculty following Katie's death in 1999 when she was a doctoral student at Northern Illinois University.
Melville and Barbara Price Scholarship
Mel and Barbara, after many years of outstanding service to public education in Porterville, Calif., created this scholarship at CLU for students who show potential and perseverance in their pursuit of a baccalaureate degree.
Mary Purser Memorial Scholarship
This biology scholarship was initiated in 2003 through monetary wedding gifts for Eric Jensen '84 as a way of remembering classmate Mary Purser '85 who died in 1996. The fund was augmented by friends and family.
Helen Ramsey's House of Prayer Lutheran Church Scholarship
Impressed with the quality of students and the choral program of CLU, Helen Ramsey provided this scholarship through her will for students from her beloved congregation in Escondido.
Reininga Endowed Music Scholarship
Margaret Reininga, lover of music and wife of former regent John, created this award for outstanding scholars and musicians.
Jonathan Reinsch Memorial Scholarship
Pride in his family's Lutheran heritage motivated Dr. Reinsch in 1986 to establish this endowed scholarship for computer science majors as a memorial to his son.
Pamela Rensch Memorial Scholarship
This annual scholarship for a liberal studies major, established in 1998 following Pam's death at age 27, is a tribute to her unfulfilled dream of becoming a teacher and nurturer of children.
Herman and Gunda Reque Memorial Scholarship
A generous planned gift from the Reques endowed this preseminary scholarship in tribute to both fathers who were Lutheran pastors.
Judith Esther Richardson Vocal Scholarship
In gratitude to God and her daughter Lynn '77, Judith Esther established this scholarship for students of vocal musicianship.
Robert Arnold Rodriguez Endowed Scholarship
To perpetuate her husband's love for sacred music, Dr. Thelma Rodriguez endowed this scholarship for students preparing to make music their ministry in life.
Wilfred A. Rothschild Memorial Scholarship
A longtime resident of Conejo Valley and supporter of CLU, "Bill" Rothschild planned through his will for these student scholarships which were further augmented by his wife Janet.
Ruprecht Scholarship
Ber and Spitz Ruprecht, CLU's premier senior mentors, designed their endowed scholarship for Lutheran students who are English majors.
William H. Sandberg Memorial Scholarship
Campus involvement and Christian commitment are critical criteria for this award established by Jesse Vanlandingham in tribute to his former business partner.
Sigmund G. Sandrock Memorial Scholarship
By endowing this scholarship, regent Ned and Kathy Dean provided a lasting tribute to Kathy's father, who served the church for 36 years as pastor, teacher and mission developer.
Paul H. Schoenbeck Memorial Scholarship
In memory of Dr. Schoenbeck's lifelong commitment to the teaching profession, gifts of family and friends created and endowed this scholarship for those excellent students preparing to become teachers.
Amelia C. Schuh Scholarship
In honor of her mother, Dr. Mary Stauffer of Downey, Calif., endowed this merit scholarship for the top-ranking sophomore student.
Walter and Maud Schultz Scholarship
In 1972 the Schultz Estate endowed this scholarship fund for the benefit of deserving students at CLU.
Scudder Scholarship for Church Vocations
In 2009, coinciding with CLU's new major in Theology and Christian Leadership, Yarda Scudder revised her scholarship's criteria to read "for students preparing to serve the Church through their chosen professions."
Segerhammar Scholarship
Family members and a host of friends celebrated Carl and Ruth's 50th wedding anniversary in 1982 by supporting this scholarship fund for students committed to a religious way of life.
Senior Mentor Scholarship
With Howard and Clarice Rose as "leaders" of the effort, those who have served California Lutheran University as senior mentors provided the gifts that endowed this scholarship for the students they served and loved.
John G. Shamel Memorial Scholarship
This fund was established by Chester Shamel, former professor in the Education Department, as a memorial to his son who died in service to his country.
Robert F. Shoup Family Scholarship
Following the standard set by Coach Shoup, this scholarship is awarded annually to students who have demonstrated leadership abilities.
Siegele Family Endowed Scholarship/Fellowship
Endowed in 1987 by gifts from Margaret and Ken, CLU's original estate planning officer, this scholarship for high-achieving Lutheran students will reach its potential through the family trust.
John R. Siemens Memorial Scholarship
The family and friends of CLU's second athletic director established this memorial in 1969, first as an athletic scholarship and later as a fifth-year credential Scholarship
Sven Slattum Memorial Scholarship and Brian Solem Memorial Scholarship
Family, friends, students and professors, even local corporate neighbors, responded to the tragic loss of these two geology majors in 1984 through gifts to two memorial scholarships.
Louis Smith Family Scholarship
This retired pastor and wife who are also parents of two alums — Phillip '82 and Stephen '82 — designed this endowed scholarship for children of other Lutheran pastors.
Dean and Belinda Soiland Scholarship
Dean ('81) and Belinda wanted to include a scholarship in their overall financial support of CLU and designated it for students who have a strong belief system and clear-cut academic goals.
Soiland Family Endowed Scholarship
After serving 21 years on the Board of Regents, sending five children to CLU for their college degrees, and supporting every capital effort along the way, what more could Marv Soiland do? Answer: Establish an endowed scholarship, of course, which he did in 2007 for undergraduates with financial need.
Stapel-Van Frank Endowed Scholarship
With the inheritance received from her sister Frieda, Mabel Stapel established this scholarship to reflect their real-life roles of teacher and nurse.
David and Alma Stoeve Scholarship
This scholarship was established by the Stoeves as recognition of academic achievement by one preparing for the Christian ministry.
Stoner-Myers Music Scholarship
Two couples, related through kinship and love of music, endowed this fund to encourage students toward excellence in instrumental music.
Storvick Memorial Scholarship
In 1974, this scholarship was established to perpetuate the memory of Pastor Alfred Otto Storvick, "a vigorous advocate of Lutheran colleges."
Storz Foreign Missionary Scholarship
Two sisters, Katie and Minnie Storz, advanced the foreign missionary cause in 1967 by creating this scholarship for students preparing for Lutheran missionary service.
STRIVE for Excellence in Educational Leadership
The first alumni class of the School of Education's first doctoral program created this first strictly doctoral fellowship for a third- or fourth-year student who demonstrates scholarly and moral excellence and a commitment to the program.
Harold Sunde Memorial Scholarship/Fellowship
Chleoma Sunde, former Thousand Oaks resident, endowed and then placed in her will this preengineering/science scholarship in memory of her husband.
Byron and Kathryn Swanson Scholarship in Environmental Ethics
Concern about environmental issues motivated Dr. Byron Swanson to develop a Religion course and later, with Kathryn, to create this scholarship for students sensitive to the ethics involved in environmental decisions.
Kathryn and Byron Swanson Scholarship for Reentry Women
During Kathryn's years on campus, many of her energies were directed toward reentry women — in the Women's Resource Center and through the Creative Options and Women's Studies programs — culminating in this endowed scholarship as part of her legacy.
Swenson Family Scholarships
Upon retiring from a successful business in computer boards, Jim and Sue created this unique scholarship opportunity for ELCA Lutheran students from Orange County.
Carl Terzian Scholarship
In recognition of Carl's outstanding public relations service and leadership, CHELA Financial endowed this scholarship for deserving students at CLU.
Texaco/CLEF Geology Scholarship
This annual scholarship is funded from an endowment established anonymously through CLEF for a geology Scholarship.
Elizabeth Thompson Memorial Scholarship
Created long before Elizabeth's death through her will, this discretionary scholarship honors the business acumen and personal faith of a woman determined to be successful in life.
James A. Thompson Memorial Scholarship
This fifth-year credential scholarship was created by Jerry Thompson as a memorial to his son in 1990.
Everett Thoreson Endowed Scholarship
Love for his church in Rio Linda, Calif., the church softball team, and Lutheran higher education led Everett to establish this scholarship for athletic training majors in his living trust in 1993, just three years before his death.
Burton Thorpe Memorial Scholarship
Established in 1978 in memory of one who served as a regent of CLU "with distinction," this scholarship is designed to encourage those pursuing health-related careers.
Thouren Science Scholarship
Earl and Irene Thouren of San Mateo chose to encourage students toward preengineering or science-related fields through this endowed scholarship
Everett Thykeson's Science Scholarship
A scientist himself at the Clorox Technical Center, Everett elected to have natural science and/or preengineering majors receive the benefits of his endowed fund.
Tiplady-Burgess Scholarship in Bioengineering
Tiplady-Burgess Scholarship in Environmental Science Even before moving into University Village in 2008, Margaret Burgess made herself known as a neighbor who wanted to be involved. Her first endeavor was to create two endowed scholarships — one in bioengineering, the other in environmental science.
Dr. John R. Tomec Endowed Scholarship
In 1991, following 23 years as Team Physician for CLU athletes, Dr. Tomec designed this scholarship for senior students on their way to becoming athletic trainers.
Thomas and Sandra Torgerson Science
Scholarship Many years of involvement and service to CLU led Dr. and Mrs. Torgerson to direct their gifts to helping individual students through this science Scholarship
James R. Treiberg Memorial Scholarship
Friends and family of James Treiberg '91 created this scholarship to perpetuate his values — Christian commitment, clear career goals, and a desire to meet human needs.
Ullman Family Scholarship
As a birthday gift to George Ullman, whose sons Corky '76 and Steve '77 attended CLU, Leo Hagopian endowed this scholarship in 1987. Proceeds from the George Ullman Memorial Golf Tournaments expanded the endowment significantly.
Mark Van Doren Poetry Prize
This coveted poetry prize, after being funded on an annual basis for several years, was endowed in 1985 by John Van Doren in honor of his father.
Carl and Helen Veblen Scholarship
The Veblens, early friends of CLU, initiated this endowed award through a gift of stock in 1963.
The Rev. Roger Veum Memorial Scholarship
Out of love for their late pastor Roger Veum, the congregation of Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer in Oxnard, Calif., established this scholarship for a member of that congregation or minority student.
Vietnamese-CLU Friends Scholarship
On the 25th anniversary of their arrival in the Conejo Valley to begin a new way of life in America, this extended family of 25 Vietnamese established this scholarship out of gratitude for the bonds of friendship and support.
Alvin E. Walz Chemistry Scholarship
When Dr. Walz retired after 26 years on the CLU faculty, his colleagues, former students, and friends honored him by establishing this scholarship in his name and discipline.
Phoebe Wei Music Scholarship
In honor of Phoebe Wei's accomplishments as a musician and teacher and as a Chinese woman determined to get a college education, Ed and Genevieve (her niece) Tseng established this keyboard scholarship through Phoebe's estate.
David Wennes Memorial Scholarship
David's family and the many friends of the Wenneses endowed this scholarship as a tribute to Davy's creative spirit by designating it to students talented in creative writing or other artistic expression.
Brad and Lisa Wilson Scholarship
Because of their own happy experience at CLU, Brad '81 and Lisa (Long '83) have chosen scholarships as the most direct way to help deserving students.
Richard and Donna Wilson Scholarship
This scholarship for high-achieving students was established through the estate of Richard and Donna Wilson, parents of alums Greg '78 and Brad '81.
Dr. Harvey and Bernice Wipf Scholarship
In 1995, in memory of her late husband, Bernice established this endowed scholarship to benefit students who have the desire and motivation to achieve their academic degree at CLU.
Erling and Margaret Wold Family Scholarship
Having been involved with CLU since its founding in ways too numerous to mention, the Wolds created this drama scholarship out of their love for students and for learning.
Steven and Susan Woskow Scholarship
Through a Charitable Lead Trust in which CLU was named beneficiary, Steve and Susan extended their academic and business successes to include this scholarship/fellowship for upper-division undergraduates and graduate students to help lighten the financial burden resulting from their academic pursuits.
Gerald R. Yelkin Memorial Scholarship
In 1964, following the loss of their 18-year-old son Gerald, the Yelkins placed his memorial gifts with CLU as a scholarship to preseminary students.
C. Robert Zimmerman Choral Conducting Scholarship/Fellowship
Students, colleagues and friends of "Dr. Z" established this specialized scholarship to honor his 22 years at the helm of CLU's choral music program.

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