The Culver Family Estate

The Colver/Culver Family in America

1st Generation:
Edward Colver
2nd Generation: John Colver 3rd Generation:
John Colver
4th Generation:
Timothy Colver
5th Generation: Timothy Culver
(Revotionary War
6th Generation:
Amasa C. Culver
7th Generation: Leander Culver 8th Generation:
Charles Frederick Culver
4th Generation Timothy Colver

Timothy Colver was born 1701 in Groton, CT. He married (1) 11 January 1726/27, Mary Lamb, daughter of Thomas and Thankful Lamb (2) Ann (last name unknown) (3) Margaret Williams.

On 27 December 1726, John Colver, Timothy's father, conveyed 40 acres ofland to Timothy. The next day his brother, John, Jr., conveyed to Timothy the farm which his grandfather, old John Colver had given to his son and which his father had given to him. It is said that in 1735 Timothy settled Hopkinton, Massachusetts (then called Glasgow and New Glasgow). Timothy lived in Woodbury, CT by 1740 and sold his homestead there 6 Feb 1747/48 to Hezekiah Culver. Timothy Colver died in his one­hundredth year in 1800 at Huntington, Massachusetts. Timothy and Margaret are both buried at Norwich Bridge Cemetery, Huntington, with his younger brother Asa, his wife and children.


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