The Culver Family Estate

The Colver/Culver Family in America

1st Generation:
Edward Colver
2nd Generation: John Colver 3rd Generation:
John Colver
4th Generation:
Timothy Colver
5th Generation: Timothy Culver
(Revolutionary War
6th Generation:
Amasa C. Culver
7th Generation: Leander Culver 8th Generation:
Charles Frederick Culver

6th Generation Amasa C. Culver

masa Culver was born 1 October 1775 in Woodbury, Connecticut, died 11 July 1842 in Elkland, PA and married Hannah Coates (Coats) in Elkland, Pennsylvania March 1822. Amasa was one ofthe early pioneers of Delmar Township, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania arriving at or before 1800. In 1812 he is listed as a taxpayer owning 1/3 ofa sawmill, 125 acres and one cow worth a total taxable value of$383.

A History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania, written in 1883, tells the following story which mentions Amasa Culver and Frederick Coates who was his wife's brother.

OSCEOLA IN THE WAR OF 1812. Company training was held the first Monday and battalion training the second Monday in May of each year. An incident illustrative of the times occurred at a company training held at Israel Bulkley's in 1814. Frederick Coates and John Falkner met here. An old grudge existed between them. In a previous fight Coates had bitten off Falkner's nose. A ring was formed and the two men stepped in to fight it out. Each man had his partisans, and all had been drinking freely. Amasa Culver had a stone in his hand, which he intended to give Coates. While he was attempting to do so Falkner wrenched it from his grasp and struck Coates with it upon his head. At this the ring was broken. Robert Tubbs struck James Falkner, and William Falkner knocked John Ryon down, and the fight became general. Crazed with whiskey and excitement there was not much discrimination between friend and foe. After the cessation of hostilities it was found that Coates was seriously hurt by the blow upon the head. He went home, was taken sick, lingered for some months and died. A post mortem examination revealed the fact that his skull was fractured. Falkner left the country before. Coates's death.

Hannah and Amasa Culver are buried in the cemetery of the Elkland Presbyterian Church, a church which they helped to found. This church is now named Parkhurst Presbyterian Church.

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