The Culver Family Estate

The Colver/Culver Family in America

1st Generation:
Edward Colver
2nd Generation: John Colver 3rd Generation:
John Colver
4th Generation:
Timothy Colver
5th Generation: Timothy Culver
(Revolutionary War
6th Generation:
Amasa C. Culver
7th Generation: Leander Culver 8th Generation:
Charles Frederick Culver

7th Generation Leander Culver

Leander Culver was born 6 December 1805 in Elkland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. He married in Elkland, 10 December 1829, Dolly Bottom (Bottum), born 3 July 1809 in Scotland, Windham Co., Connecticut, d. 1896 in Elkland, Pennsylvania. Dolly was the daughter of Walter and Dolly (Clark) Bottom. In 1836 Leander built and operated "Culver House", the first inn in Elkland. Leander died 1 March 1869 in Elkland. On 10 March 1869 the local newspaper printed the following: Mr. Leander Culver, a well known citizen of Elkland, was struck by a falling limb in the woods, on Monday of last week and he died Tuesday morning at 2 o'clock. Mr. Culver was about 60 years of age. Leander and Dolly were members of First Presbyterian Church in Elkland and are both buried in Highland Cemetery in Elkland

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