Make a Difference

"There is an integration of various theoretical models and their application to counseling and clinical settings that you won't find at many other institutions.

"Most importantly, it is obvious that the professors and administration are invested in our success both academically and professionally. They really care."

Daniel Knauss
Youth Care Specialist,
Meridian Youth Treatment Center

The depth of human thought and emotion is unlimited. The nature, description and image of what constitutes the concept of "family" is dynamic, diverse and grows more complex every day. As a result, the need for knowledgeable, skilled, caring and insightful clinicians is in great demand.

California Lutheran University's Graduate Psychology Programs offer a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.), Master of Science in Counseling Psychology (Marital and Family Therapy), Master of Science in Clinical Psychology, and specializations.

If you have an interest in making a profound difference in the lives of those struggling with emotional and mental challenges, the field of psychology is for you.

As a Cal Lutheran graduate psychology student, you not only will be prepared to serve in a variety of professional settings but will also gain a deep understanding of the field and practical applications with curriculum that emphasizes real-world experience.

Psychology Graduates:
A Successful Legacy

The quality of Cal Lutheran's Graduate Psychology Programs is evidenced by the success our graduates have achieved in a broad range of professional settings.

Graduates of the Clinical Psychology Program can be found pursuing doctoral degrees as well as overseeing treatment programs, working under the supervision of licensed psychologists, and working as instructors and counselors in the community college system.

Graduates of the Counseling Psychology Program have an outstanding record of obtaining internships, passing the state licensing examinations, and establishing successful practices in both private and institutional settings.

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