Quick Facts

M.S. in Counseling Psychology

Marital and Family Therapy (MFT) emphasis

The Counseling Psychology program at California Lutheran University, with an emphasis in Marital and Family Therapy, is designed to equip you with a perspective which takes into account the whole person with physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual dimensions, and which focuses on the family as an interactive system.

As a student in this program, you will focus on the family as an interactive system and gain ideal preparation for a successful career as a professional marital and family therapist. This focus integrates academic knowledge and clinical skills and will prepare you for a full range of clinical challenges. You will also develop personal insights and communication skills that enable you to work effectively in a wide variety of settings.

Program Mission

The Marital and Family Therapy program emphasizes a systemic understanding of the human experience in its varied contexts. We encourage respect for the diversity of people and their lifestyles, beliefs, values, and aspirations.

Students are trained in a range of theoretical models designed to help understand the complexity of issues people face throughout their lifespan. Systemic thinking is encouraged to allow students to appreciate the interpersonal and interdependent aspects of motivation, emotion, and behavior. Additionally, our students have the unique opportunity to experience the integration of their classroom learning with applied clinical work in our two Community Counseling Centers. This in-depth integration of clinical and scientific literature with actual professional service to the public allows you to cultivate your professional identity throughout the program.

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