Mr. Pearce's Cabinet of Contemporary Neolithic Wonders

by Michael Pearce

SEE Contemporary Neolithic man's waxen grails! FEEL the tension of the stinging nettle hung bucket! TASTE bread as it was baked in Ancient Orkney! WORRY about the desiccated seahorses and the deer's tail! ENJOY Contemporary Neolithic oddities and wonders!

Cutting-edge mixed media work fills the gallery in a combination of Contemporary Art and Neolithic Culture.

All your questions about contemporary neolithic art answered!

The primal act of industry is the transmutation of elements, the drawing of metal from stone. At the roots of industrialization, we find this transformative quality – the genesis of innovation, which is a necessity of the cult of the present, where everything must represent progress.

The objects in this exhibit are not improvements upon the past; they are revitalizations of it.

Images from Exhibition

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