CLU Welcomes First Artist-in-Residence

Cyn McCurry, a classical figurative artist from Texas, spent the month of October painting and exhibiting her works in the Kwan Fong Gallery of Art and Culture. To the delight of the campus community, she used the gallery as her studio so visitors could watch her work develop.

Exhibited in galleries in New Mexico, Colorado and Texas, McCurry's paintings, commissioned portraits and murals also hang in private collections nationwide. Although she has been painting since childhood and sold her first canvas at age 11, McCurry avoided formal training and instead immersed herself in the works of great masters such as Leonardo DaVinci. Her paintings are intimate, autobiographical and dominated by feminine themes.

"Having Cyn actually painting in the gallery gave our students an opportunity to look beyond the ordinary and to see a professional artist at work," said Michael Pearce, curator and Assistant Professor of Art. McCurry also conducted art seminars in her "studio" as well as in art classes.

View a slideshow narrated by Cyn McCurry about her residency at CLU.

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