Feature Stories

Great Expectations

Sixth CLU president brings energy and determination to new post.
By Carol Keocheckian '81

Inspired since early childhood to achieve greatness, CLU’s new president has set high standards for himself and for the University.Read more...

Renaissance in Art

Professors and students embrace exciting changes in Art Department.
By Jean Kelso '84 Sandlin, MPA '90

Life was pretty good for Michael Pearce back in the mid-1990s. As a freelance artist, he mainly worked on commissioned pieces for wealthy rap artists in Hollywood. “It was all about money,” he freely admits.
Then a near-fatal car crash turned the British artist’s comfortable world upside down and gave him a whole new outlook on what life is all about.Read more...

MBA Goes Global

CLU’s International MBA goes to a deeper understanding of the world market.
By Sue Davis & Lynda P. Fulford, MPA '97

If you think an International MBA (IMBA) means simply studying how business is conducted in other countries, think again.
At 24, Sapna Desai is already a world citizen with roots in three continents. But, the Gujarai Indian from Kenya has chosen to broaden her world perspective even more by pursuing a degree in CLU’s IMBA program.Read more...

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